by Jason Guenther

     The intention of this document, is to show obvious "truths" connecting the angels and demons of the bible, with the modern day anomalies known as "Aliens", and their craft. That the bible DOES speak about these anomalies, and will be shown to be shockingly true. I shall remain for the most part within the confines of the 1611 English version of the King James Bible, and Strong's Greek and Hebrew concordance, even though I don't subscribe to the "King James Only" club. I know, that ALL the translations that we have are rooted back to the SAME sources. The difference between our modern day versions of the bible is in the choice of adjectives used in the description of words from the original languages (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, chaldean), and outright blatant "liberties" taken by the translators. The reality is, ALL of our versions have translating errors that have distorted CORRECT  biblical interpretations of many areas of scripture. One of the reasons for this is due to linguistic barriers (our English language is considerably smaller than the Greek and Hebrew, with limited word definition in comparison). This has caused a great deal of confusion in specific areas of interpretation. The King James isn't really any better than the other versions (there's some 6000 ADDED words, plus numerous translating errors and interpretation liberties taken), but it does NOT step on the DEITY of Jesus Christ like most other translations. The fact of the matter is, man HAS had his grubby mitts on the Word of God, but God designed the Word in such a way, that the original meanings can NOT be tampered with by man, no matter how hard he tries. The Lord has done this with the "etymology" (the science of words and their origins) of his written Word. It is ONLY from the etymology, that 21st century man can ever know for sure what God really has said and thereby meant. Etymology is failsafe in this regard. Man for all intensive purposes, has translated and interpreted God's word according to HIS perspective and contextualization for 2000 years. The original "oracles" of God (Hebrew prophets and scribes), managed to keep Gods word "pure" etymologically in translation up to the time of Christ, enabling us today to have a pure "source" (Old Testament). Etymology is the "foundation" of all other areas of theology (eschatology, hermeneutics, etc.). The same principle applies to the New Testament. It was written in a form of Greek called "koine", which is pure etymologically. The emphasis of this dissertation will be in the area of the bible interpretation, as it is THE authority of ALL TRUTH as far as I'm concerned. Therefore, the answers to ALL things can be found in its pages. I will refer to sources outside the canon of scripture, when it is deemed imperative to subject illumination, without disturbing biblical integrity. There are basically four major time-frames in the bible dealing with major activity of Satan and his host. They are:
* Pre-Adamic time 

* just prior to the flood

* the time period of Jesus Christ's ministry

* the "latter-days" and the Tribulation period

      I will be dealing with all four of these time periods in no set order, as most of what is being revealed about the enemy, is interlaced in prophecy. Also, because somethings must be brought to light first, in order for other things to be understood. I shall leave and discuss the area of pre-adamic time till the end of this document, as it must be discussed and looked at by itself.


     Most of this dissertation will be spent in the area of interpreting the facts from the bible as to whether the Lord has "spoken" on the possible connection between the modern day mystery of UFO's and their occupants and the bible. The reason for this, is that many people are familiar with the general facts about UFO's, and not too many people are familiar with the fact that the bible has MUCH to say about it. It is my opinion that, if I were to let the bible speak for itself, it will bring you intoALL TRUTH, even the REAL truth of what you already know, and don't know, about UFO's. I am not even going to entertain the ignorance of whether UFO's exist or not with you. If you say they do NOT, you are utterly ignorant of the facts, lying to yourself, and probably have never taken a look at the facts to begin with!. I'm sorry for being so abrasive, but I must speak truthfully. The evidence is OVERWHELMING for their existence, but its WHAT they are, that causes so much controversy. In case you don't know much of the general facts about UFO's, I shall make a list of the highlights, and integrate this side of the spectrum later on in the document. There has been well over 6000 "professionally" written books on the subject, but, just in case you are not aware of some of the facts, I'll recap for you. Here are a few.

- between 3 and 4 percent of the population of the United States, claims to have been abducted by a UFO (millions!)

- the United States governments official stance on the subject of UFO's is that they are NOT "extraterrestrial in origin", as far as their concerned

- UFO's do NOT pose a threat to the national security of the United States "AT THIS TIME"

- 82% of the population of the United States believes in the existence of "extraterrestrial life" elsewhere in the universe

- every Apollo and Gemini mission astronaut reported seeing UFO's, complete with the taking of audio and video documentation as evidence

- there is well circulated audio and video evidence of a "cover-up" by NASA to suppress this evidence

- there is documented evidence showing that "SDI" (star wars), is fully "operational" and not targeted where you would suppose (see the ST-88 incident)

- seven presidents of the United States have made "official" UFO sighting reports

- NASA revealed publicly "photographic evidence" of monuments on the surface of mars in 1979. 

- NASA announced to the world that "life was found on the surface of Mars" in 1996, one day after Clinton's re-election for a second term of office

- a massive cover-up by the United States government over the alleged "Roswell Incident" over 50 years ago, has caused considerable public unrest

- the "official" government position on "Roswell" over 50 years after the incident is "it never happened, probably a weather balloon".

- the official search for "extraterrestrial intelligence" (SETI) was called off long ago......


       By the 2nd century A.D., what was once considered a bible truth, had now become rank"heresy" and the "highest of blasphemies", thus being denounced by the clergy of the Church. The Church at this time assumed this position after agreeing with the "interpretation" of one Christian writer, Julius Africanus (A.D. 200-245). Julius would "formulate" an interpretation of a very controversial scripture verse, thereby setting the course for what would be a defection away from what the early Church first believed. This is centered on a couple of   KEY scripture verses that "unlocks" much of end-time bible prophecy. Julius Africanus "interpretation" of the term "son's of God" in the Old Testament, was upheld by the Jews at the time also, when Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai in the 2nd century A.D., "cursed " all those who believed in the LITERAL INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE, concerning the meaning of the term "sons of God". That's right, it was considered to be "blasphemous" to believe in what the bible said!. The"bible" at that time, consisted of the Septuagint (which was around when Christ walked the earth), Latin Vulgate, and various Hebrew versions of the Old Testament (Torah etc.). The first "complete" bible was in the form of the Latin Vulgate. The fact is, there is NO room for mis-translation here, which shall prove that the Church willfully chose to become APOSTATE on the meaning of "sons of God", and still remains today. This, even though all bibles translated after the Septuagint LXX, were translated in part from the Codex Alexandrinus. The Codex translates the term "sons of God" as "ANGELS of God". Every single modern day translation, was translated from the Codex Alexandrinus to some degree. The Latin vulgate would be the first translation to "cover over" INTENTIONALLY, the meaning of this term. By the late 4th century A.D., the Syrian church had managed to make the interpretation of Julius Africanus, known as the "good son's of Seth view", as official church "doctrine". Subsequently, it became policy of Papal theologians at that time, to eradicate firmly from the teachings of the Church, any doctrine or dogma contrary to the "son's of Seth view". The fact of the matter is, this interpretation and its apparent doctrine is a flat-out, heretical LIE, and completely apostate to the Word of God. This interpretation has and still does hide the KEY behind Satan's end-time "master plan" for these last day's, and completely undermines much end-time prophecy interpretation, keeping the entire body of Christ in utter DARKNESS!


       This controversy, surrounds the interpretation of the term "son's of God" used in the books of Genesis and Job. The term is properly rendered bene ha elohim in the Hebrew. The predicament here is that both the Septuagint and the torah translates this term as meaning that of ANGELS, and thereby creating one of the most disturbing doctrinal dilemmas the Church has ever had to face. The reality is, this rendering is the TRUTH. There is NO way to get around this one. As a matter of fact, it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid the stark truth of this meaning, yet the false prophets and teachers have managed to perpetuate the "good sons of Seth" heresy for 1900 years via false theology. Those proponents that would say that the Holy Spirit would clarify over time the now accepted "son's of Seth" interpretation, are HERETICS!. God doesn't play games with his Word, if that's what it says, that's what it says!, and God MEANS what he says. Why must we try to fit Gods Word around our own idealology of what REALITY should or should not be.

"And it came to pass, when men began
to MULTIPLYon the face of the earth, and
daughters were born unto them, that the
s o n s  o f  G o d
saw the daughters of men that
they were fair; and they TOOK them
wives of all which they chose".


        It's not enough that the bible clearly translates "sons of God' as "angels", but the propitiators of the real "lie" will not give you an answer as to why the supposed "good" sons of Seth would instigate an action which denigrates down to nothing more then the RAPE of women it would seem on a mass scale, when you study the text. These angels TOOK them "wives" of ALL THAT THEY CHOSE. What do you think, there was a "marriage", and a little white house with picket fence, and they lived happily ever after? NOT! What God is saying here is very clear. This "union" was not "amicable". Also, if the sons of Seth were so "good", why were they not spared the flood instead of Noah's family? The sons of Seth interpretation would also seem to denote that the "daughters of Seth", weren't too "good looking"?, and if they weren't very good looking, how is it that there was any sons of Seth? Are you getting my drift?, no matter how you break down the sons of Seth view, it completely falls apart. The original scriptural text is quite plain, that they were "angels". But what must be understood is that these angel's are FALLEN angels. Ancient Hebrew tradition holds that they "came down" in the days of Jared. Interestingly enough, the word Jared in the Hebrew is Yaradh, meaning "descent", or "shall come down"[Strong's ref. 3382]. Just so you know, MOST of the early Church fathers and reputed Christian reformers believed in the "angelic" or the "ancient interpretation" view. Here's a few:

Justyn Martyr
Martin Luther
Clement of Alexandria
Josephus Flavius
Philo Judaeus
John Wycliffe

The modern day bible scholars who support the "angel view" are also noteworthy here:

G.H. Pember
Merrill F. Unger
F. Delitzch
Chuck Smith
C.H. Mcintosh
Hal Lindsay
Arthur W. Pink
I.D.E. Thomas
Arnold Fruchtenbaum
Donald G. Barnhouse
A.C. Gaebelin
M.R. DeHaan
Henry Morris

        There is further confirmation of the "original truth" if one wants to go outside of the canon of the Holy Writ. The works of the Apocrypha and Pseudo-pigrapha, and the Syriac version of the Old Testament all confirm the bibles interpretation, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. Most notable is the pseudo-pigraphal book of Enoch, which WAS in the original canon amongst the works of the Apocrypha. St. Augustine (A.D. 354-430) would claim that on account of the book of Enoch being too old (ob nimiam antiquitatem), it was not allowed to be part of the Canon of Scripture. Other apocryphal works such as the Book of Jubilees,Testament of the 12 Patriarchs, the Genesis Apocryphon (1947 Dead Sea Scrolls), and the Book of Noah, all refer to the fallen angels or "watchers" siring "nephillim" with woman. The Greek word for angels is "angelos" in the New Testament, but it comes from the word "Mal'ak" in the Hebrew which means "messenger". The word "watchers" means [Strong's ref. 5894 iyr (Chald.), eer; a watcher, i.e. an angel:- watcher]. But this comes from the primitive root [Strong's ref. 5782 uwr, oor; a prim. root; opening the eyes; awake, lift up, master, raise up, stir up]. These are very interesting adjectives of description indeed. The sudden change from the "angel view" from the 4th century on was so dramatic, that the Church that once upheld the "angel view", would now torture and murder millions of "heretics" over the next few century's under the INQUISITION, based in part upon the "angel heresy". Included amongst the heretics were the Yezidi's (devil worshipers), Cathar's, Arian's, Bogomils etc., whose heretical theology's all instituted to some degree, the belief that angels (or demon's) procreated with mankind.


        Once one has grasped the profound grammifications of the "angel view", then one will not have a problem with what God says in the next couple of verses of Gen.6. If its not weird enough that fallen angels "manifested into flesh" before the flood, then your going to have to contend with the problem of the "offspring" of this union.

"There were
in the earth in those days; and also
that, when the
sons of God
came in unto the daughters of men, and they
bare children
to them, the same became
mighty men which were of old, men of renown".


       I want to make this perfectly clear, the word "giants" translated in your bible is a clear cut INTERPRETATION LIBERTY from the Greek. The wrong "root" was chosen for the translation of the word "giants" on purpose. The root that was used is gigantes (giants), but thats NOT correct. Yes, they were "giant", but thats not WHAT they were. The translators did not interpret from the source root. The primitive root of "gigantes" in the Greek translates "gigas", meaning EARTHBORN. They are also called "gibbhor" or "gibborim" in the Hebrew. You see, your King James bible is translated from the Greek and Hebrew from cover to cover!. In the case of Gen.6:4, the translators specifically chose the Septuagint LXX for the word "giants", which was translated from Hebrew to Greek. The reason?, the source origin Hebrew translation is too "un-believable" (even though its true), because they REFUTED the "angel view". The correct translation in the Hebrew is [Strong's ref. 5303 nephiyl - nef-eel; prop. a feller, i.e. a bully or tyrant: - giant]. Its proper use in the plural for this word is NEPHILLIM (giants). Though this is the root given, it is NOT all of the meaning of the word. You must "trace the roots , to find the fruit", and what you come up with is [Strong's ref. 5307 naphal- naw-fal; a prim. root; to fall, be cast down, cease, fugitive, die, fail, be judged, throw down] and also the ancient chaldean root [Strong's ref. 5309 nephel- neh-fel; something fallen, abortion]. Though these are descriptive words for these "offspring" (nephillim), they are much more descriptive of their "fathers" who bore them. What seems to give the credence to the "rape" scenario, is the use of the words "...came in unto..." in Gen.6:4. It implies that of "forcefulness". Also quite interesting, is the term "...and they bare children unto them". It might not seem curious to you at first, but God already stated at the top of the verse that"... there were nephillim (giants) in the earth in those days...". He is emphasizing the fact that there was a definite "sexual union" between human females and "fallen angels", creating a HYBRID progeny called the nephillim. These are what are referred to in ancient mythology as DEMI-GODS(half man - half God).

TITAN = Greek

SHEITAN = Chaldean

SATAN = Hebrew

        If most of what you've read and learned about the "gods" of mythology isn't starting to ring some bells and whistles in your head by now, then your not alive!. It is imperative that you notice that the "nephillim" are NOT the same as "fallen angels". You must understand that "fallen" in the case of these angels, is a "state" rather then a "condition" at FIRST. What I mean is, what happened to the fallen angels after they "procreated" with the daughters of men? Every indication would seem to say that the fallen angels "left" in the same way they "...came unto..". They materialized "out of the "flesh" and back into their original form (spirit)", leaving behind their offspring, the nephillim on earth. When they came unto the daughters of men, they must have manifested FLESH. There is no other explanation and NO reason to believe this not possible as the bible is fraught with occasions of "angels" appearing in the flesh, eating, drinking, talking, fighting etc, and then "de-materializing" back into "spirit". Do you think the daughters of men were wives to phantoms or thin air?. As uneasy as this will make you feel, it is a REALITY. But then you're going to say "now wait a minute here, angels are sexless. The bible says so, so they couldn't have copulated with women!". Well.... your bible does NOT tell you the angels are "sexless". This view stems from another misinterpretation of scripture. The distortion of Matt 22:30, Mark 12:25, and Luke 20:35. These verses of scripture, are some of the most mistranslated verses of all time. Jesus in no way denotes anything to do with the angels "sex", rather he is stating there is no need for angels to marry, as they are created ETERNAL. There is no need for them to "extend themselves". Marriage was created for prolonging the existence of a "fallen" human race through "procreation!". This IS the point he is making, because the fact of the matter is, all the "host of heaven", good and bad including the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are ALL MALE!. You don't like it? TOUGH, cause thats what your bible TEACHES. Oh, and another thing, all of the "nephillim"?... were male ALSO, as there weren't any "mighty woman of renown", only MEN. Now, NO I'm not "sexist" or "racist", I'm just trying to state the abject facts according to the Holy Writ. There is New Testament confirmation however, that directly confirms the "angel view":

And the angels which kept not their
first estate,
left their own habitation.....
giving themselves over to fornication,and going after
are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of
eternal fire".

(Jude 6-7)

       It should be noticed here that this is a very unique translation for the word "strange" here. It is one of 18 different translations, and only used in one place, one time, right here in Jude 7. It is[Strong's ref. 2087 heteros,het - er - os; of uncert. orig., other or different,:-altered, strange]. And it would seem that Peter affirms this as well:

"For if God spared not the angels that sinned,
but cast them down to tartarus,
and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be
reserved unto judgement;
and spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person...."

(2 Peter 2:4-5)

       As you can see, there seems to be harmony within the Old and New Testaments as to this strange anomaly I am bringing to your attention. The "angels" held in tartarus are from the days of Noah, and shall be released just prior to Judgement. The "angels that sinned" are those that "copulated" with women. These are held along with the "rapha" (demons from the nephillim). Demons not in tartarus right now (on the earth) are from the nephillim AFTER the flood. These are the same demons Jesus contended with in his time, and the ones that are seen today. But right now I'd like to draw your attention to the flood for a moment.


        To put it in a nut-shell "all HELL broke lose just before the flood". This interaction between angels and men created an enormous upheaval. God said that "ALL FLESH WAS CORRUPT" upon the face of the earth (Gen.6:12). This sounds to me like things got way out of hand, and this "interaction" between fallen angel and man had become "all encompassing". Like a plague, the fallen angels "infected" the entire human race. More disturbing, is that the scripture gives the allusion that this had an impact on the animal kingdom as well:

"And the Lord said, I will DESTROY man whom
I've created from the face of the earth; both man,
and beast, and the creeping thing,
and the fowls of the air; for it
repenteth me
that I have made them".

(Gen. 6:7)

        God over-emphasizes the fact that he had to DESTROY "every living thing" off the face of the earth (except Noah and family and "carefully selected" animals). This is an extremely "stern" action and has never really been properly understood as to why? Now you KNOW why, God HAD to, otherwise no life COULD have been spared. Left outside the hands of God, man and beast would have been utterly annihilated, by "nephillim infestation", and or by themselves. This interaction also seemed to instill irrevocable destruction to the "spiritual nature" of mankind, as "...that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was onlyEVIL CONTINUALLY" (Gen.6:5). There was only one way for God to handle this dilemma, by "wiping the proverbial slate clean!". And thats exactly what the Lord did....the flood. Satan had attempted to infiltrate ALL FLESH LITERALLY, to try and thwart the inevitable birth of Jesus Christ. Had God not taken the stern action of THE FLOOD, the doom of all mankind would have been a surety. The "plague" of fallen angels completely and utterly perverted ALL FLESH, even the animal kingdom, as God destroyed them as well. We may never know the full extent of the grammifications dealing with the flood event, but we do have somewhat of a "picture", if we will believe the bible. Like most of the "deeper" truths in the bible, they are not shown "openly" on the outside, but rather "mixed throughout" the scripture. These truths are only discernable when one digs deep into ALL the Word, and pulls these points together. There are things written in the bible, that NO ONE HAS FOUND AS YET as things have not occured for the prophecy given to be revealed. God has made his Word this way. Somethings must come to pass for these truths to come to the forefront, and so it is with the area of the "nephillim" in the bible. It has been the modern UFO era, that has brought to light the truths revealed in Genesis 6, and also confirming what Christ had said about the time of the end, and its similarity to the time of the flood. As a matter of fact, the bible says the end will be EXACTLY like the time before the flood. Though Satan failed the first time, he will, and is attempting it once again for his TIME IS SHORT. The reality of this truth is and will be totally denied by the Church at large, for it goes against THEIR DOCTRINES AS TAUGHT BY MEN. It does not matter, for the TRUTH will always remain THE TRUTH, no matter how much they try to deny it.  Now Noah and the seven others of his family were "spared". What the Church will teach you, is that Noah was "perfect". He was a "just" man, and thereby by he was "superiorly righteous" before the Lord. Nope, you have to dig deeper then that. The word perfect here is translated in the Hebrew [Strong's ref. 8549 tamiym, taw - meem; entire, without blemish,complete, perfect,undefiled,whole]. It comes from an even earlier root, tamam, meaning be clean, consume,andmake an end [Strong's ref. 8552]. Now, all these adjectives are descriptive of "sacrifices" and used in this context. Certain sacrifices or burnt offerings, had to be made with animals that were "unblemished" or perfect "specimens" (physically). These were considered "undefiled" and acceptable offerings unto the Lord. Face it folks, we found out after the flood that Noah wasn't at all that "perfect" now was he (he was a drunk!). No, I'm pretty sure the Word of God is indicating that Noah's "bloodline" was "undefiled" by the fallen angel "invasion". His "genealogy" was unaffected by the fallen ones, thereby allowing an untainted bloodline to pass through the flood, which pass's on through to the 1st advent of the Savior. Both the spiritual and the physical aspects of "pureness" or "perfection" (un-blemished, without spot) are represented in the scripture. What has never been properly explained is the "physical" aspect. The interpretation by the Church leaves God looking like a "bumbling idiot" when it comes to his "creation". No, there is something "deeper" inferred by God in the LAWS of "cleanliness" and "purification" as to what is interpreted commonly today. God does not put just any old thing in his Word, and expect you to uphold them. No, there is precise "meaning" and "purpose" in every last JOT AND TITTLE of his Word. The whole mystery of 'why the flood?' becomes clear when one acknowledges the truth of Genesis ch.6. You will begin to understand "why" the person of Noah, and his "purpose" according to the flood event. You will understand why Noah was "spotless" and without "blemish". This will not seem at all too remarkable when one looks at the typology and eschatology concerning Noah in comparison with Christ. There is a hidden message in the genealogy from Adam to Noah. It is quite remarkable in that it really sums up to be a prophecy concerning Christ in the most simplest of ways you can think of. If we take the names of Adams descendants up to Noah, and translate them from Hebrew to English, we find this remarkable message of Jesus Christ's mission, for the redemption of all mankind, from the "curse" exacted at the fall.




the blessed God 
shall come down 
his death shall bring 
the despairing 
rest, or comfort

"Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the blessed
God shall come down teaching (that) his death shall
bring (the) despairing rest."

       This truly is a "bible code" if there ever was or is such a thing. I find it very unlikely, that a group of Jewish Rabbi's would deliberately contrive to hide an expression of the Christian Gospel within their venerated Torah!. Indeed, this was by supernatural design.


        Now, what on God's green earth could possibly be the PURPOSE of the fallen angels "procreating" with mankind you ask? Didn't you read your bible? You have to go back a couple of chapters in Genesis to find yet another verse of scripture that has NEVER been properly interpreted or understood:

"And I will put enmity between thee (Satan)
and the woman, and between
thy seed (Satan's)
her seed (daughters of men);
it (seed of mankind, Jesus) shall bruise thy head (Satan's),
and thou (Satan's seed, Satan) shalt bruise
his (Jesus) heel".

(Gen. 3:15)

        This is nothing other than a clear cut "declaration of war" and HOW it will be fought, and is initiated directly from God. What has completely been overlooked, is this verse of scripture says that Satan has a SEED. The use of the word "seed" here is being used in the context of "children" or "offspring". Both uses of the word "seed" here comes from the SAME translation in the Hebrew [Strong's ref. 2233 zera, zeh - rah; seed, fig. plant, sowing-time, posterity:- x carnally, child, fruitful]. The use of this word here is in the context of "child bearing". What this is revealing, is that the WAR is being fought out against the "seed of mankind" (or woman), by the SEED OF THE SERPENT (nephillim). You won't completely understand all this yet, but it will all become "crystal clear" when I begin to discuss the ANTICHRIST, later on. The other fallen angels that are with Satan are NOT his "seed". ONLY the "nephillim" are Satan's seed, even though the rest of the fallen angels are submissive to his purposes and will. Only the seed of the nephillim came through the carnal union of fallen angels and mankind, all other beings of the angelic host were "created in heaven". This verse of scripture ALONE, indicates that there was (is?, going to be?) a definite interaction on a "physical" scale, between mankind (woman) and "non-human (but with corporeal bodies) supernatural entities". The "target" of attack by the "seed of the serpent", is the "seed of the woman" that Jesus would come from. It is directed and focused at Jesus's "bloodline", even though the seed of mankind is targeted as well (spoken generally). Satan tried to directly "defile" the bloodline from which Messiah would come from before the flood, and it will be shown that he did after, has been still, and is going to eventually come out with his "secret weapon". The enmity against mankind in general will culminate with the advent of Antichrist(Satan's "special" seed). But lets now SEE if this is so. Was Satan put out of the business of "hybridization" by the flood?, or is he still doing it?


       By the time Abram (not yet Abraham) was pursuing his "kidnaped" brother Lot into Danite country, king Chedorlaomer of ancient Elam, was "slaughtering" TRIBES of these nephillim all over the land (Gen.14:5). This is before the eventual "erasure" of Sodom and Gommorah. This has always stumped theologians. How did these things show up after the flood? And how could they "multiply" so rapidly into what seems to be "races" when studying the text?. There are various Hebrew myths that claim that king "Og" of Bashan (a nephillim), was descended from another nephillim called "Hiya", who was the son of the fallen angel called "Shemyaza" (a watcher. See book of Enoch). "Og" was said to have "escaped the Deluge by clinging to a rope ladder attached to the Ark, and being fed by Noah through a pothole" according to myth. The initial nephillim "infestation", was completely erased by the flood. ALL flesh perished. The "physical" structures (bodies) of these entities were destroyed . This was NOT their final end. These initial nephillim were transformed from their "nephillim" form, into their newest incarnation, DEMONS! (disembodied nephillim). A large number of these demon remnants of the nephillim from the flood, are NOW being held in tartarus(hell. To be released in the future), while the rest are confined to the earth. To show that this is true, one only has to look where the word "demon" comes from. The word "demon", which is exclusive to the Greek, was translated from the words "seirim" and "shedim", in the Hebrew. "Seirim", is the name of a "tribe" of nephillim, which are related to have been native to the area of Mt. Seir, south of the Dead Sea. The name comes from the Hebrew [Strong's ref. 8165 Seiyr, say - eer; seir, a mountain of Idumaea and its aboriginal occupants.]. But the root for this word is the most revealing[Strongs ref. 8163 saiyr, saw - eer; shaggy, a he-goat; by anal. a faun:- devil, goat, hairy, satyr.]. And even more [Strong's ref. 8175 saar, saw - ar; a prim. root, to storm, i.e. fear:- be horribly afraid, be tempestuous, come like a storm.]. It is the root "saiyr", that we get the Greek translation for"daemon" (demon). The scary thing about these root words for the name "Seirim", is they all indicate that these things were REAL TANGIBLE CREATURES. They were "aboriginal occupants", they were "hairy" and "shaggy", they are related to being "fauns" (fairies), "satyrs" (may I point your attention to the "myth" of the Greek god Pan), and DEVILS, but they were tangible, PHYSICAL manifestations that lived and were "native" to some areas. The word "shedim" in the Hebrew means [Strong's ref. 7700 shed, shade; a demon:- devil.]. This comes from an earlier, and quite interesting [Strong's ref. 7736 shuwd, shood; a prim. root; to swell up, fig. (by impl. of insolence),to devastate:- waste.]. It was the combination of these two Hebrew words, that we get our version, demons. The "shedim" are the most ancient of all nephillim tribes listed in the bible. The source of the root is said to predate the ancient chaldean it comes from. Along with the "seirim", these two tribes were pre-flood. Their historical traces are found only in vestigial remnants of ancient Hebrew and chaldean legends, and in the Hebrew language itself. Their REALITY is confirmed by the Holy Writ. In the above illustration, I have placed the name"Beth-Rapha"as a possible connection to the appearance of the nephillim after the flood. The reason why, is that this families name means literally "house of the dead" or "house of the Rapha" (demon). It must be completely are NOT nephillim, and nephillim are NOT demons and so on. The term "demon" is generic, just as "angel" is generic. Nephillim are "demonic", but not demons. What we are dealing with here, is the HIERARCHY of the ENEMY. This is referred to by the apostle Paul in the New Testament as the "kosmokrateros". Demons have their own subset hierarchy as will be shown. It is important that you understand this fact. The Church by and large, doesn't have a clue as to how Satan's hierarchy works, and as such, "my people perish for lack of knowledge". This diagram is by no means comprehensive, but it shows that there is a "pattern of succession" that occurs from angel, to fallen angel, to nephillim, down to demon. It shows HOW the host of heaven (evil alignment) became structured trough a system of "de-generation" (they fall from one "stage", to the next, each time relinquishing some their abilities and power). It would seem that this is the price that is payed by the fallen angels for their tampering with the flesh. The difference between a fallen angel and a demon, is that the fallen angel has the ability and power to "manifest and de-manifest flesh", and more than likely still retains most of his powers and abilities from his "first habitation". The fallen angel is more or less "held at bay as to what he is allowed to do", A demon on the other hand, does NOT have these abilities anymore. They have lost the ability to "manifest flesh", and have lost also their once "corporeal body" (nephillim). They need to "possess" a body now, that is not their own. Now is a good time to refer to the ex-canonical book of Enoch, which WAS apart of the original canon of scripture at one time, placed just before the book of Job:

Now the nephillim, who have been
born of spirit and of flesh,
shall be called upon earth
evil spirits,
and on earth shall be their habitation. Evil spirits shall
proceed from their flesh,
because they were created from above;
from the holy (?) Watcherswas their beginning
and primary foundation...."

(Enoch 15)

        As you can see, this text indicates that the demons are directly descended from the nephillim, and that the nephillim are descended from the fallen angels (watchers). Demons have traversed three consecutive stages to end up where they now are. In so doing, they have lost most of their abilities to "penetrate" into the physical like they once had the ability to do. It can be shown, that not all demons share the same abilities. There are "types" of demons that are distinctly different in how they operate, and in some instances, described as having different properties in the way they manifest and interact in the physical.

"...The spirits of the nephillim shall be like
c  l  o  u  d  s,
which shall oppress, corrupt, fall, contend, and
bruise those upon the earth...".

(Enoch 15)

        The adjective "clouds", is most descriptive (2 Pet.2:17, Jude 12). The relationship between "bruise those upon the earth" and Gen. 3:15 is most evident. All of the titles designated to angels can be either "good" or "fallen", with the exception of the Archangels (even though Satan could have possibly been an Archangel, the bible is silent on this). All angels according to the bible, were either cherubim or seraphim. There are no other "types" given. Satan IS a Cherub! That is how he was created. His NATURE has changed, but not too much else (in form). Its only wise to assume that all "fallen" angels must be of these two types as well, only their "alignment" has changed. Their "structure" (cherub or seraph), did not change when they fell. Their "angelic powers" were NOT changed as well. They are just limited now as to what they are ALLOWED to do. The misconception that when they "left there first habitation", they lost their angelic abilities is absurd. This stems from the perception, that fallen angels are demons. They are NOT!. Demons are directly connected to the nephillim in the scriptures. Their "first habitation" was HEAVEN, now they are confined to HERE (this universe, especially earth). Demons no longer have access to heaven, and furthermore, scripture seems to indicate that demons can NOT FLY! (Matt.12:43, Luke 11:24). The word used in both of those passages in the New Testament, specifically means "walking". Its very important that you understand this, demons are on the "bottom of the totem-pole" . They do not have the same "benefits" so to speak, as they once had.


       There is a tell-tale "mark" if you will, that can be found in the names for the angelic hierarchy. There is the peculiar "im" at the end of most of the names of giant and angel alike. Keep in mind, that the name for the "triune" God is "Elohim" in the Hebrew. Not to confuse God with the Enemy, but this shows a definite linguistic trademark. It is the stamp of "made in heaven". If your still doubting the nature of the nephillim, then you must look at the meaning of their names to get a better picture of what they were. As shown earlier, the term "nephillim" is a generic term designating all the various "tribes". There is a great deal to be learned from the etymology of the names of these things. There were "tribes", and each tribe was distinct. To show the "distinctive" differences between each tribe, we must do a little digging:













-raphah; a giant, dead [Strong's ref. 7497, 7496] 

- anaqiy; a desc. Of Anak, to choke, necklace [Strong's ref. 6062, '60,59]

- eymiym; terrors, fright, horror, fear [Strong's ref. 367, '8] 

- zuziym; aboriginal tribe, a wild beast [Strong's ref. 2104, '23]

- zamzom; intriguing, native tribe,to plan, devise evil [Strong's ref. 2157,61]

- choriy; cave dweller, troglodyte [Strong's ref. 2752]

- tsophiym; watchers, to observe, to wait for [Strong's ref. 6839, '22]

- kaphtoriy; to encircle, origin of the philistines [Strong's ref. 3732, '31,30]

- gammad; a warrior, to grasp, [Strong's ref. 1575, '74]

- sayir;devil, satyr, he-goat, hairy [Strong's ref. 8163]

- shed; a devil, demon, insolence, waste [strong's ref. 7700, '36]

- nephiyl; a giant, feller, cast down, be judged,fugitive, thrown down, fallen,  an abortion [Strong's ref. 5303, '07]

      The most interesting of these is the translation for the word"Zophim", This word comes from the root from which we get the word "eyes". This name is also a title of one of the offices of the angelic host, the "watchers" (see Dan.4:17). Put in your head the adjective "observe" in description of the Zophim. Bury this correlation into your brain, because later on you will begin to SEE the light in some bible prophecy I will explain later. Needless to say, all the meanings of these names give somewhat of a descriptive picture of what these things were and about. Ancient Hebrew tradition calls the Anakim the "long-necked ones" (compare with the description of what is known as a "reptilian"). The translation for the word "Caphtorim"shows that the Philistines roots are traced to the nephillim. Goliath was a Philistine, and he was also an Anakim. You will find certain nephillim in scripture that have "six fingers and six toes". Another nephillims weapon and armor are recorded in the bible to have weighed between an estimated 300 to 400 pounds! Another giants "bed" is recorded in the bible as being 21 feet long by 13 feet wide (this is based on the measurement of a cubit, which can not be exactly determined today. I'm basing this measurement on the 27 inch cubit). Ancient Hebrew myths and legends record the nephillim as being 300 feet tall! I'm not kidding. Check it out for yourself. I mean, do these sound like "humans" to you? Lets face it, these THINGS were absolutely NOT HUMAN. We are not just talking about "demon possessed men" here, were talking THING!. God will sometimes relate these to the realm of "men" in scripture, as they were FLESH, but they were NOT human. If anything they were half-human at best, and definitely a MUTATION or HYBRID. Thats what the scripture shows!. In essence, they were (are still?) a "doorway of the physical," from one state ( fallen angel), to another (demon). Nephillim are the least powerful of the hierarchy. They are "confined" to a "house of flesh", which limits their "supernatural" capabilities. I'm telling you, they weren't teaching you everything in Sunday school!. These beings are referred ever so subtly under the text. The Lord (in the "first person") makes this proclamation to affirm the "angelic genetics" of these creatures:

"For who in the heaven can be compared
unto the Lord? who among the
sons of the mighty
can be likened unto the Lord?"

(Psalm 89:6)

        The term "sons of the mighty" is parallel to the use of "sons of the gods". The word "mighty" here is translated [Strong's ref. 410 el, ale; mighty; espec. the Almighty (only used of deity):- God, might, power, strong]. God had only ONE LEGITIMATE SON, so it is NOT referring to THEM in this way. Gesenius translates this term as meaning "sons of the bnai elohim", which makes these "sons", NEPHILLIM!. Notice that the Lord makes this charge to THEM who are in "heaven". The word "heaven" is very intriguing here, it is "shachaq" in the Hebrew meaning "a small firmament"; by anal. as beaten small (by trituration or attrition).There is another word in the bible that is very closely related to the ones we are discussing. This word is"teraphim", which means an "idol"or"statue"[Strong's ref. 8655 teraphiym]. The translation of the word and the scriptures it appears, seems to indicate that they were "statues" of ANGELS used for the purpose of "healing". It must be completely understood that the Hebrews practiced the "worship" of angels. Ancient writings indicate that through this practice, "physical interaction" could be obtained (and was). Never the less, scripture states assuredly that the "worshiping of an idol" is the direct "worship of a fallen angel", it might as well be the real thing (not a statue). The Israelites were consistently falling into idolatry, and the Lord constantly did JUDGE THEM for it. An "idol" acts as a "gateway", giving the demonic host the "gold card" to your soul! Ignorance is not an option here, there will be NO excuse come the day. Catholics and Protestants take note!


        The Sumerians/Babylonians according to archeologists, founded Babylon in the late 3rd millennium B.C. Its original name was called "Babel", which meant "gateway of God". Biblical records, however, indicate an earlier date for the event connected with the building of the structure known as the "Tower of Babel". According to the biblical account, the "tower" was built during the reign of "King Nimrod", the first "King" of Babylon. Nimrod was also a descendent of Noah. The bible is silent on the time-frame of the building of the "tower" of Babel, but conservative bible scholars have placed it between 3500 and 4000 B.C. It could have been much earlier than this, and than again, much later. But all we know, is that by the time of the building of the "tower", the Earth's population had been restored to a certain degree from the devastation of the "deluge". The reference to Nimrod and the beginning of Babylon in the bible, is "centered" around the building of the "tower". We will have to examine a verse very closely, to see what this "tower" was all about.

"And they said, go to, let us build us a city and a
T  O  W  E  R,

and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered
abroad upon the face of the whole Earth".

(Genesis 11:4)

let us build us



to build, make, set up, repair, obtain children

a city and



a city, a place, guarded by a 
watch, idea of opening of the
eyes, lift up, awaken

a tower



a tower, (fig.) a pyramidal object, to twist, advance,exceed, magnify, in conj. With #410

whose top may



to shake, highestas in tip-
top,top portion, con. to 
location of stars as to their location in the sky

reach unto heaven



the sky, the nether regions
where the celestial bodies revolve,outer space,

and let us make



to do or make, manufacture or fabricate (obj.)

a name



a conspicuous position, as a marker or memorial, by impl. of authority, renown, used in conj. with #8064 heaven, disguise, heap up, preserve


*Note:modern-day scholars have concluded that the word "shem" is borrowed from the Sumerians word "sham" (shu.MU). The proper pronunciation of "shem" is "shame" in English.

        The miracles of Christ in the New Testament, are called "shems". They were marks of his divinity. The "signs" and "wonders" in Jer. 32:20, are also called "shems". But the original meaning of the word from its Sumerians origin is "MU"(sham) which means "fiery sky chamber"! (see the Babylonian Epic of Creation, the Enuma Elish). These were associated with what are known as "stelae" in the Babylonian texts. "Stelae" are the objects or memorials associated with the "mu". They are otherwise known as "stone pillars" or OBELISKS that we see throughout all cultures of antiquity in some form or another. As will be shown later, something else is referred to as being "pointed" (obelisk). To Akkadians/Babylonians, and Assyrians, they were known as the "naru" (fiery stones that fly). In Hebrew, the word "ner" means "a pillar that emits light". It is from this word that we get the term "candle". Though I don't espouse to all of the ideologies of the ancient Sumerians researcher, Zecharia Sitchen, his expertise in the area of etymology is to be respected. I would suggest that you read his work entitled "The 12th Planet", to get a good idea of how the languages developed from one-another from the Sumerians, to the Egyptians. The Hebrews integrated a lot of the words from these cultures into their own. Anyhow, as you can see from the breakdown of Gen.11:4, there is a lot more involved here than is usually interpreted. Now I ask you, why did the inhabitants of Babylonia, exert themselves to "make a name", why was the "name" to be placed upon a "tower whose TOP shall reach unto HEAVEN (outer space), and how could the "MAKING of a name" counteract the effects of mankind's "scattering upon the Earth"?. How did they know they were going to be scattered? If they knew they were going to be scattered, then they also knew by WHOM (God). Knowing this, we could assume that they deduced that the only way to counteract this event, would be to LEAVE EARTH! By the implication of the translation itself from the Hebrew, it shows that the "shem" that they made was a "miracle" by definition!. If that is not enough, than you must deal with the "identity" of the only named personage involved with this event, Nimrod. In verse 9 he is called a "mighty hunter" before the Lord. The use of the word "mighty" here is very specific indeed. It is [Strong's ref. 1368 gibbhor;- giant], or other wards, nephillim!. The word for "hunter" is ambiguous. The textual intent seems to imply that Nimrod was in fact a nephillim, but does not say what "type" of hunter he was. I mean, what did he hunt? And if he wasn't a nephillim, than the text would imply that he "hunted" nephillim! Any ways you cut it, the character of Nimrod is related as being anything other than your average, everyday human!. No, there is something more here.


        There is a verse of scripture that quite shocked me when I read the interpretation from the Septuagint. It is translated quite differently in your King James Bible. Actually, the rendition in the King James is absolute "butchery", half of the text is missing, and the translation is completely ludicrous. I remind you again, this translation is much closer to the original. Pick up a Greek Hebrew concordance and check it out. It is a passage of prophecy that I believe to be fulfilled  during the Tribulation. Though it will be denied uni-laterally amongst scholars, this is what it really says:

"The vision which Esias son of Amos saw
against Babylon. Lift up a standard on the
mountain of the plain, exalt the voice to
them, beckon with the hand, open the gates,
ye ruler. I give command and I bring them:
are coming to fulfil
rejoicing at the same time and insulting.

(Septuagint LXX, Isaias 13:1-3)

        This vision of Isaiah's is depicting the time of the end. It is referring to the time of "the day of the Lord". The day of the Lord happens during the Tribulation. This vision is against "Babylon". Babylon is a focus of end-time prophecy. The location of end-time Babylon is, contrary to where 99.9% of bible scholars place it,NOT in the Middle-east, but thats another dissertation. It needs to be noticed here, that it is the "Lord" who brings them, to fulfil HIS wrath!. It must be remembered here, now, that this is as close to the "original" AS YOU CAN GET IT!, I mean, Jesus himself probably did notice the Septuagint, and I didn't hear him complain about anything. Let's go on with this passage now.

"A voice of many nations on the mountains,
even like to that of
m a n y  n a t i o n s;
a voice of kings and nations gathered together:
the Lord of hosts has given command to a
war-like nation,

(vs. 4)

        This verse can throw you off if your not paying attention. These are many nations "on the mountains" (high places). Notice that both "kings" and Nations" are represented and "gathered together" (Armageddon). The word "kings" here is "melek" in the Hebrew. Its root comes from "ma'lak" , which denotes that of "angels" of class/rank. As it is stated in verses 1-3, these "nephillim" are referred to as a "war-like nation" (one, singular). The Lord gives them "command", and he BRINGS THEM. Command of what? Command of "fulfilling his wrath"! (vs. 3). Where does he bring them from? Well? Don't think I'm getting a little "off the wall", but look at the next verse.

"To come from a land
A F A R  O F F,
from the

the Lord and his warriors are coming to
destroy the world".

(vs. 5)

        Very little of these five verses remains in your King James or any of the other versions. Now, I don't know about you, but "utmost foundation of heaven" does NOT sound like around here (earth). This place is a land "afar off". The use of the word "utmost" is antiquated to "distance". The inference of the use here is as to the "ends of the universe" when read in its context. This is directly connotated with the "day of the Lord" or what's referred to as Armageddon.

For behold! the day of the Lord is coming which
cannot be escaped,
a day of wrath and anger, to make the world desolate,
and to destroy sinners out of it."

(vs. 9)

        These are very provocative verses of scripture. When exegeted and read in context, the impression left is that most of what's taking place is not of "human" doing. Besides, no humans live at the "utmost foundation of heaven" now do they?. As stated in verse 3, we are dealing with "nephillim" here, actually, by what the text says, NATIONS OF THEM!.Isaiah has a lot of strange things to reveal, and it would be extremely wise to take careful notice, as Isaiah had much to say about Babylon, and the last-days.

"Hell from beneath is moved for thee
to meet thee (Antichrist) at thy coming:
it stirreth up the
R  a  p  h  a,
even all the
chief ones of the earth;
it hath raised up from
their thrones
all the
kings of the earth".

(Isaiah 14:9)

        This is one of the most illuminating passages of prophecy in all of scripture. This is dealing with Satan being "cast down" during the tribulation, and the Antichrist's judgement of being cast into hell. In your bible, the word has been translated "dead" in place of "rapha" as you see here. This is NOT correct. There is NOTHING else they could have used here except "rapha" for it to be IN TRUTH. You see the translation for "rapha" is "dead", but its not meant "dead" like you think, in the translation. Nope, this "dead" are the disembodied spirits of Rephaim, or NEPHILLIM. These are evil spirits that are "cast out" onto the earth when Satan is "cast down" at the mid-point of the tribulation. These are the evil spirits that are held in "tarturus" at the moment. I want you to see something here and let it sink in, it is from the "thrones" of the "chief demons", thatALL THE KINGS OF THE NATIONS ARE CONTROLLED BY!. Now, when you equate this passage with chapter 13:1-3, this becomes most disturbing. It seems that, all at once, there is an onslaught appearance of "demons" and "nephillim", capped all off by the presence of Satan himself and the person of Antichrist at the start of the tribulation. Chapter 13:1-3 definitely illustrates that nephillim shall "appear" at the day of the Lord "to fulfill his (God's) wrath". Now, nephillim are "conceived". This leaves only 2 alternatives, they will be "conceived" during this time, or they are and have been "conceiving". It is remarkable how pastors and teachers avoid the un-avoidable interpretations of these passages. These areas of Isaiah are "avoided" ON PURPOSE, because the Hebrew translations are too strange. The interpretations given in modern theological seminaries are not only comical, but are utterly absurd. Even though there is more spoken of Satan and his angels then heaven and God's, there is an absolute refusal to BELIEVE what the bible has to in fact say. Thats why the Church as well as the world still perceives Satan with "little horns and a pitch fork". As shown earlier, Satan has a "seed", and the scripture seems to indicate that this "seed", may in fact be still around, or are going to be in the near future. But now, lets try to find confirmation of Isa.14:9:

"Thy dead men shall live, together with
my dead body shall they arise(rapture). Awake and sing,
ye that dwell in dust:for thy dew is as the dew of
light,and the earth shall


(Isaiah 26:19)

        Take a very good look at what your reading here. This passage says, that the "rapture" will happen at or after the time that the "rapha" are let out of "tartarus", and also from what we've seen from Isa.14:9, when Satan is "cast down" upon the earth. Ahh...I know the pre-trib RAPTURE CULT fans are about to throw this document out right about now, but before you do, you might want to take a look at this:

"And the great dragon was
cast out,
that old serpent, called the Devil, and SATAN, which
decieveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his
were cast out with him.

(Revelation 12:9)

        Most of the Body of Christ is in harmony as to what point Satan is "cast down" at the end. It's at or after  the begining  the Tribulation. Gee...even the Jehovah Witness's will agree with me on this one. This verse is referring to just this time in John's vision of the Tribulation. But take a LOOK at the very next verse:

"And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,
N   O   W
S A L V A T I O N,
and strength, and the
kingdom of our God,
and the
power of his Christ:
for the accuser of our brethren is
which accused them before our God day and night".

(Revelation 12:10)

Ahh.... so sorry the LORD has put a damper on the pre-trib rapture cult parade. The "rapture" happens at or any time after the revealing of Antichrist at the Begining of the tribulation, and you got Old and New Testament CONFIRMATION. To believe in a pre-trib rapture is to believe that Christ can return at "any moment". This is called the Doctrine of IMMINENCE, which is completely APOSTATE from the Word of God and deceives millions. It brings with it a form of WITCHCRAFT. I can give you well over a hundred scriptures against this very doctrine! Actually, it is this very doctrine that will HELP (is right now) the Antichrist as I will show you later. It is the "end-product" of yet an even more malignant delusion against the very doctrine of Jesus Christ....the "false gospel" that is very much of what is coined as THE LIE in the new testament. But for now, lets look at these "covered over" translations. I refer you to this passage:

"Wilt thou shew wonders to the
r a p h a ?
shall the
rapha arise
and praise thee? Selah

(Psalm 88:10)

        This verse is correctly translated "rapha", where you now have "dead" in your bible. Psalm 88 was written at a time when David was in a very "low" spiritual state. David is mourning and in a great deal of anguish. This verse represents a bit of rebellion in David's spirit towards the Lord at this point of time. It is a resentment of his predicament. David is trying to get a reply from God, and out of frustration, comes this "mocking". The word "arise" is very significant. The "rapha"(demons), are those that are held in tarturus (hell). You must understand, David is NOT talking about "dead people" here, he is referring to the "demons" which came from the "Rephaim". To emphasize this, I refer you to these seldom spoken verses:

"But he knoweth not that the
rapha are there;
and that her guests are in the
depths of hell".

(Proverbs 9:18)

r a p h a
under the waters,
and the
inhabitants thereof".

(Job 26:5)

        The word "rapha" here is also mis-translated "dead" in your bible. This verse shows you where these "rapha" are, in the "depths of hell" (tarturus). They were "transFORMED" into the rapha (death of their "nephillim" bodies) from the flood (under waters). The "inhabitants thereof" would be HUMANS! The "rapha" will "arise" from tartarus in the near future as Satan tries his "coup de gras" during the tribulation. David refers on more than one occasion in your bible to the nephillim subtily, but is now covered over by translation. A couple of verses past Psalm 88:10, David refers to something not seen by mis-translation. Something strange is un-covered when you correctly exegete the verses, and believe what it is saying.

"I am afflicted and ready to die
from my youth up: while I suffer thy
Emim (nephillim)
I am distracted".

(Psalm 88:15)

"My heart is sore pained within me: and the
E  M  I  M
of death
are fallen upon me."

(Psalm 55:4)

        The word "Emim" here is translated "terrors" in your bible. As I've shown earlier, one of the meanings of the word "Emim" is "terrors". There are six translations for the word "terrors" in your bible, one of them is in reference to the "Emim" (nephillim tribe). You will notice in the verse after 88:15, God uses the word "terrors" again. This time, it is an entirely different translation. This affirms what I've said earlier, "the same, is not always the same". Ancient myths and legends of the Hebrews, tell of what was called "the terrors". Legend has it that, "the terrors"would come in the night and carry away woman and children to eat!. It can be shown, that the roots of all the myths and legends of "monsters", is based upon the "nephillim" of the bible. Now, to look at something quite differently than what you've been used to.


        Hebrew myths give the nephillim a very interesting title. They are referred to as the "awwim" which means "devastators" or "serpents". In some Jewish lore, Eve is called the "mother" of the "serpents". It is interesting to note, that Eve's name in Hebrew is "hawwah"which means "she who makes live". This word is related to the word "hevia" in the Hebrew which signifies a "female serpent". In Arabic, serpent is "hayya", which is a cognate of the word "hayat", meaning "life". Satan is referred to as "that Old Serpent", and took the form of a serpent in the garden of Eden. It is only logical that Satan's "seed" would be referred to as "serpents" as well. The scripture does in fact show this. Some of the translations for the word "serpents" in your bible, are quite different than what you would expect. Not all "serpent's" in the bible are the same, and I'm not talking about "snakes" or "reptiles here". The bible would refer to some of these "serpent's" as being quite different. We sometimes take things for granted in what we've heard or read from the bible, to the point of over-looking the obvious. Then again, sometimes the "obvious" is so "fantastic", in the end, the TRUTH escapes being detected. This is the nature of TRUTH and DECEPTION. We as Christians, have to be SEEKERS of that "truth". And the truth is, this next verse of scripture is a prime example of the "truth" escaping detection. You need to take a good look at the translations of all these words in this verse, for its not what it seems to be at all. Modern theology covers over these translations to hide the OBVIOUS. This is the nature of APOSTASY, and it always starts directly from the Word. To "overlook" on purpose is apostasia. To "re-define" or add or take away is apostasy. So I ask you, what do you think this is saying to you:

"Rejoice not thou whole Palestina, because the rod
of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the
serpent's root (Satan)
shall come forth a
viper (Antichrist),
and his
shall be a


(Isaiah 14:29)




on fire, burning, spec. a saraph or creature, from 
their copper color, fiery, "seraphim"




to cover,obscurity, to fly, dimness, flee away, shine 




seraphim, an angelic being, burning, fiery, creature

            I believe this to be in reference to what we view today as "UFO's" . The correct translation for the word "cockatrice" in your bible is "viper"[Strong's ref. 6848 tsepha]. It comes from the root for "Zophim"or "watchers" [Strong's ref. 6839 Tsophiym]. The actual translation for the word "serpent"at the end of the verse is [Strong's ref. 8314 saraph]. This is the translation for the word "seraph" as in "seraphim" (plural). The translation for the word "fiery" is ALSO is ref. 8314 "saraph", or seraphim. Both these words mean the exact SAME!. This is very important, as this is NOT a mistake or a fluke. That the Seraphim are characterized as "serpent's" is very strange indeed. Seraphim are "angels" as illustrated earlier. Obviously, these are NOT of the "good alignment", and it seems they are alluded to as "serpent's" in scripture to designate them as such. The striking description of these Seraph's are their "copper color" (orange), and the adjectives that describe "luminescence" in fact as to their appearance (fiery, burning) are quite strange. This description is a lot different from the ones given by Isaiah (Isa.6:2,6:6) and the ONLY two may I remind you scripturally, but it is the exact same word used [Strong's ref. 8314]. The only thing Isaiah relates to us about seraphim is that they have "6 wings". The allusions to "obscurity" and "dimness" is quite interesting in the translation for flying. UFO's are identified with just such behavior. It is also quite interesting to note here, that the most prevalently sighted color of lights in UFO sightings historically, is orange! (copper?). For the record, there are seven references to the word "serpents" in the New Testament. Of those seven, only ONE is used in relation to "snakes" or "reptiles" literally. The other "6" translations of "serpents" in the Greek are used in direct relationship with Satan!. They are [Strong's ref. 3789 ophis, of - is; (through the idea of sharpness of vision); fig. a snake, (fig.) sly, cunning, malicious, espec. Satan:- serpent]. Oh, by the way, the reference to the evil one in the bible is 13 times in the Old Testament, and 33 times in the New Testament! (refer to the 33rd degree of Freemasonry or Luciferianism). If I were you, I'd check out some of these six verses in the New Testament. You will find that Jesus uses this translation for serpents four times, in reference (description) to some of the people he was addressing (nephillim?). The allusion to "vision" in the translation of "ophis" is very interesting. It comes from an earlier root [Strong's ref. 3700 optomai, op - tom - ahee; to gaze(i.e. with wide-open eyes at something), a watching at a distance:- appear, look, see, shew self]. It's from this root that we get our word "optometrist". Now lets SEE. watchers, Zophim, serpents, Satan, all have the relationship of "eyes" or "seeing". The ancient Assyrian god "Ashur", is known as the "winged-disk god". One of the descendants of Noah's just after the flood, was the Assyrian King Asher, the builder of Nineveh. Legend has it (see Zend Avesta), that the winged-disk god "Ashur", descended into the temple of the King ofAssyria one Evening and communed with him. Myths have it, that the King made a "treaty" with the "demi-god". Oh, by the way, the meaning of the word "Ashur" is "all-seeing"!. In the Persian epic of the Bundahishn, the demi-god Angra Mainyu (nephillim) is known as "serpent with two feet". The Testament of Amram of the Persians refers to Angra's father as the "Watcher with a visage like a viper". Serpent worship has been found from the most ancient antiquity, amongst all cultures, around all of the world. It is one of the most ancient of worship systems and it is directly related to Satan, though obscured by various pagan theologies. Its as old as Sun worship, and can be found integrated into most modern day religions. One of the biggest kept secrets of Freemasonry (Luciferianism, is the belief and worship of fallen angels that came to earth and created the "holy Grail" (bloodline) which will eventually give the world the "2nd Messiah". Some of the offspring said to be of this bloodline are Jesus Christ, Gatauma Buddha, Charlemagne, Constantine, the Merovingian dynasty, King Solomon, King Og of Bashan, Nimrod, and Anak and his "7" sons to name a few (what I'm telling you is kept highly secretive amongst the masonic elite). Those of this bloodline that live today are said to be the Rothschild dynasty, the Habsburg's, and the "Royal" family (Stuart's, Windsors', and SINclair's). The fathers of the "bloodline" (nephillim), are referred to as the "Adepts" or "Hierophants", or the "illuminated ones", and are communicated to through "channeling" (spiritism). This just so happens to be 99% of the basis behind the theologies of the modern New Age movement, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, NAZI-ISM (the Aryan or "pure" race) Druidism, Cabalism and so on. In fact it can be shown to be integrated into every religion on the planet with the exclusion of "true" Christianity! Scary huh? Actually when you also throw in the fact that the "modernized" version of Darwin's theory of "evolution" purports that man evolved from at one point, "reptilian bipeds" , you can see to what extent this ideology has permeated even into the world of atheism, and science! (see Carl Sagan's The Dragons of Eden). I'm telling you (to the utter disgust of my fellow brethren, the Church at large), that what science has found in fossil evidence of Neanderthal man, is none other than the evidence of certain races of nephillim (non-human hybrid. Flesh and blood without a soul, "seed of Satan!") or "troglodytes" (cave dwellers). Now, let's look at something here a little differently than what you've been used to. No pastor will ever tell you or show you this like this, even though he knows what it really says, for he refuses to believe.

"And the Lord sent
among the people, and they bit the people; and
much people of Israel died".

(Numbers 21:6)

       The translation for the word "fiery" here is [Strong's ref. 8314 saraph] or properly annotated "seraphim" (plural). These are ANGELIC BEINGS, and they are DEMONIC! The word for serpent here is "nachash" in Hebrew (snake), but it comes from the root [Strong's ref. 5172 nachash, naw - khash; a prim. root; to hiss, i.e. whisper a magic spell, divine, enchanter, enchantment, diligently observe]. Notice the allusions to sorcery, magic, and "EYES" (observe). The adjective "fiery" also infers "light" in its translation. Now, I'm sorry, but these "serpents" were NOT "poisonous copper colored snakes" no matter how you cut it after you've read the correct translation. The translation specifically says they are SERAPHIM! The translation for these two words are identical to Isa.14:29, the only thing missing here is the adjective "flying". There is confirmation of this, but it has been overlooked and mis-interpreted. This verse is usually interpreted to mean the angel of death that killed the first born of the Egyptians. It is NOT referring to the "destroyer" (singular) at all. There was ONE angel (the Destroyer) that slew the first born of the Egyptians. This is not referring to the Egyptians at all, it is talking about the Israelites and the plagues they endured in the wilderness during the "wandering". The verse says ANGELS (plural) that were "among them". This is talking about the "fiery serpents" (seraphim), for there is NO other interpretation. Now, the Lord tells Moses to do something strange here:

"And the Lord said unto Moses, make thee a
and put it upon a pole,
and it shall come to pass, that every
one that is bitten,when he
upon it, shall live".

(vs. 9)

        It is a slightly different translation used here for "fiery serpents". The translation for "serpents" here is [Strong's ref. 8314 saraph] or "seraph" (angelic being). Obviously, Moses did not make one of these, he made an IMAGE of one out of brass. It is very interesting to note, that in the translation is also the allusion to "seeing" or "observing". Isn't it strange that by "looking" at this image of a "fiery seraph", the Israelites would be restored? There is a profound symbolic purpose for this which has never been properly interpreted to satisfaction as far as I'm concerned. I believe I know a little of the answer to this riddle, but some things need to be found out for ones self for them to become "rama". Now, almost to a man, every single pastor or teacher of the Word of God will deny what I have just shown you pertaining to the "fiery serpents" in the wilderness, of which the Israelites were plagued. God himself will confirm what I've shown you through his servant David in the book of Psalms:

"He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger,
wrath, indignation, and trouble, by SENDING
E V I L   A N G E L S
among them".

(Psalm 78:49)

        They will still deny it, for they refuse to believe. This chapter in Psalms is dealing with the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. It deals extensively with the plagues God brought upon the HEBREWS, not the Egyptians. Make no mistake, the "fiery serpents" were "evil angels", not SNAKES!. A great deal of what is written in the bible about the "demonic host of heaven", is placed "parable-like" throughout scripture. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, the pieces must be carefully extracted and scrutinized, then organized for it to become coherent. Of course, you must BELIEVEwhat you are reading. This ultimately becomes a waste of time, if the person is un-willing to believe in what is written! This person usually formulates an interpretation that he/she WILL believe .This interpretation usually "blinds" the individual from seeing the little "connecters" of the jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle in the long run, is the "big picture". You will NOT be able to see the big picture without the "connecters" ( i.e. eyes, serpents, locusts, nephillim, rapha etc.), and you can't see or interpret the "connectors" if you don't believe in what the words mean and their interpretation. I hate to use the phrase but its "all academic". Now, what I find very strange ladies and gentlemen, is that the early church fathers and historians give almost nothing as to this incident in the wilderness with the 'flying serpents', or as Psalm 78 says, the "evil angels". Philo gives a philosophical diction on the meaning of the "brazen serpent" lifted up by Moses to heal the people from the serpents, but says virtually nothing about the 'serpents' themselves. Josephus on the other hand, mentions nothing on this specific event during the Exodus in his works at all. But, we can peruse a couple of very interesting facts if we pay attention, and they will tell us something of extreme importance. Philo and Josephus say only this about the 'serpents':

"For all around were rugged and precipitous rocks, or else a salt and brackish plain,
and stony mountains, or deep sands reaching up and forming mountains of inacessable
height; and moreover there was no river, neither winter torrent nor ever-flowing
stream; there were no springs, no plant growing from seed, NO TREE whether for fruit or timber,
except some few poisonous
R  E  P  T  I  L  E  S
and SERPENTS, and scorpians...."

(Philo, "On The Life Of Moses  1", XXXV:192)

"For when the ground was dificult to be passed over, because of the multitude of
S  E  R  P  E  N  T  S
(which it produces in vast numbers, and indeed is SINGULAR in some of those productions,
which other countries DO NOT BREED, and yet such are worse than others in POWER
and mischief, and an
some of which
and also
F L Y   I N   T H E   A I R,
and do come upon men at unawares, and do them mischief)......"

(Josephus, "Antiquities Of The Jews", 2.10.245)

  Now, Philo only has this to say about the "serpents" or rather "evil angels", but he says something of extreme importance. He says they were "REPTILES" created for the destruction of man, and designates "serpents" or rather 'snakes' as something different. He also gives a description of the wilderness which disproves that these "serpents" were garden variety snakes that FLY, of which there are today in areas of Asia (they can 'leap' from tree to tree). Why? because Philo says there were no "TREES" or anything else but a barren plain of wilderness. He also states something that seems contradictory at first glance and states that there were no "animals", whether FLYING or....TERRESTRIAL!!!. Now, this is a strange statement for it elliminates everything, birds, animals, whether earth bound or 'terrestrial', meaning in the FIRST HEAVEN (earths atmosphere). So what is Philo saying these reptiles are? It would seem that Philo does NOT know himself and that these statements are  from records not in the bible for sure. He states that these 'reptiles' were born for the destruction of mankind, meaning they were implemented specifically for the 'evil angel assault' of Exodus, and not common snakes or serpents of the ground. If this isnt strange enough, then we have to contend with Josephus's account. Now, as I said, Josephus does not state anything about this 'serpents in the wilderness' account of the Exodus in his works. This statement is from an account about Moses, before he was ordained by the Lord, while in service to Pharoah in Egypt. It is an account of how Moses made war with the Ethiopians while in service to Pharoah. This is much stranger for Josephus states that these serpents were "singular" meaning exclusive to the country, just like Philo. There were not other 'breeds" of these 'serpents". He says they are much "worse" than other 'serpents', and they are "UNUSUAL" in appearence. Furthermore, they came out of the "dens" in the ground UNSEEN, were extremly fierce, and......FLEW IN THE AIR!!!. Hes talking about "flying serpents" here folks and alludes to SUPERNATURAL PROPERTIES which they have (unseen, they fly, unusual appearence etc.). He states as he goes on that these 'flying serpents' attacked the Egyptian army as they moved south through the wilderness towards Ethiopia, and were "exclusive" to that country. Josephus, like Philo, is basing his statements on other accounts of this event, not from the bible. Iraneus loosely explains this account in his "fragments". Josephus goes on to explain how Moses designed a way to deal with these "flying serpents", by utilizing another mysterious creature, a type of "bird" called an "IBE", which josephus states is the greatest enemy of these "flying serpents", and which would hunt and destroy them when they attacked. Weird stuff folks, and not to be ignored.

"About the Time of the End, a body of men will
be raised up who will turn their attention to the
prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation,
in the midst of much clamor and opposition".
- Sir Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727)

        I believe this to be a very profound statement coming from a man who was a Grand Master of the Rosicrucians, Freemason, Occultist, and thereby Luciferean, amongst other things. Oh!, you didn't know that? Do your research! He is also most famous for giving us one of the most fundamental "laws" (sic) of modern physics, "gravity". That the "law of gravity" is a LIE!, and easily proven so. GRAVITY DOES NOT EXIST by its own definition. Oh, you think I'm mentally challenged now huh? Well, you take a good look at the principles and laws of "gravity", and then give me one good example of "pull"(and before you come back to me, you better take another look at "magnetism" and "inertia" while your at it). To "pull' something is an ILLUSION. In fact, your hands or whatever are "pushing" it. "Energy" can NOT move in two directions, "from" and "upon" itself SIMULTANEOUSLY from the same point source, and that is exactly what Newton's "law of gravity" states!. ENERGY CANNOT AND DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY! It can not "go out" and "come back" at the same time SIMULTANEOUSLY!, and NO, that's not how a magnet works!. But that's what "gravity" states. The "force" of gravitation is a "push", NOT a "pull". Any ways, if you don't believe me, than maybe you'll believe Sir Isaac himself who stated before he died that his "law" was in fact FALSE (pick up any copy of an A.M.O.R.C. Rosicrucian manual, and look up "gravity" in the Appendix, p. 167). The "law of gravity" is diametrically the opposite in principle to the "laws" that God created to govern the universe. The bible says God "spoke, and the worlds WERE". The WORD went OUT, and all things WERE! Besides, how come NASA must change their mathematical formulas for measuring "gravity", 600 miles outside of the earth's orbit? And something else, the word "gravity" is in your bible. It is Greek and it means [Strong's ref. 4587 semnotes, sem - not - ace; venerableness:- gravity], but it comes from this root, and check this out now [Strong's ref. 4576 sebomai, seb - om - ahee; a primary verb; to revere, i.e. adore:- devout, religious, worship]. The real meaning behind the word "gravity" is RELIGIOUS WORSHIP!. In fact, Sir Isaac Newton,who was a LUCIFEREAN,took the word for his theorem, from the bible. It smells of Satan all over it! Any ways, we have now gone down a "rabbit trail", and we have to get back on course. Lets look at something you've ALWAYS overlooked. Here is another prime example of where the truth can be completely over-looked. This one is so obvious you wonder why people still follow the FALSE SHEPHERDS OF BABYLON and their doctrines, but of course if your not paying attention...


        The book of Daniel is probably the most mis-interpreted books of all the bible. Exceedingly rich in prophecy, it contains some of the most provocative verses of scripture. There is ONE verse of scripture that until recently, has NEVER been properly interpreted. We've all read this verse a thousand times probably and never noticed the strange intent as to the meaning, because we never paid attention!

"And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with
miry clay;
T  H  E  Y

themselves with the
but they shall
cleave one to another,
even as iron is not mixed with clay".

(Daniel 2:43)

        If you have any knowledge of the New World Order and basic end-time biblical prophecy interpretation, than you will grasp the frightening scenario here. This is the interpretation of the 4th kingdom or the last-days kingdom according to Daniel. Its the one being built before our very eyes right NOW! (NWO). The "toes" of the kingdom are partly strong and partly broken according to Nebuchadnezzars dream of the statue of a man (ten nations or states, ten "kings", and ten "horns"). He relates the "toes" as being mixed with "miry clay". What is the the "miry clay"?. Look after the first comma of the verse, THEY SHALL MINGLE THEMSELVES WITH THE SEED OF MEN! The ONLY textual conclusion you can make is that the"THEY", is something OTHER THAN MEN or HUMANS! The "miry clay" isNEPHILLIM! (aliens?, we'll see later).Thats right, there is NO other explanation or alternative here according to the text. Are you SEEING this? We have to look deeper at this. The end of the verse is extremely interesting. it states "they shall not cleave to one another". Is the word cleave being used in the same context as "mingle? If so, the probable answer as to why they won't cleave to one another, is because they can't!. Their ALL MALES and need the "seed of men" (woman) if being used in the context of mingle. But if not, than the only other probable reason is because THEY don't want to give themselves away! (reveal themselves). Read Dan.11:39...he shall cause THEM to rule over many... and its all done by CRAFT! This is why they don't "cleave" to one another. When you consider that God refers us "humans" as "clay", and to be molded by his hand's, we see a strange parallel. Clay is mixed with water, or the HOLY SPIRIT in the Lord's analogy of the "potters wheel". The meaning of the term "miry clay" becomes quite interesting. The root for the word miry here is[Strong's ref. 2916tiyt, teet; from an unused root; through the idea of dirt being swept away;mud or clay; fig. calamity:- dirt, mire, clay]. What "miry clay" is here folks, is MUD!. You know what mud is. We've all played with it when we we're kids and let me tell you what God taught you. Mud is "runny", "gooey", and down right "mucky". You've tried to make something with it right? A "castle" or a "fort" or anything else for that matter. You COULDN'T, thats why you ended up throwing it at your best friend! What I means is, that the "water" and the "dirt" don't mix! The water keeps "separated" from the "dirt", and thats why you can't "form" anything with it!. Its "miry clay", not "clay"! (I refer you again to 2 Pet.2:17, Jude 12). Can we see some other confirmation of this?

"He brought me up also out of an
horrible pit,
out of the
m i r y   c l a y,
and set my feet upon a rock,
and established my goings".

(Psalm 40:2)

        This is the only other use of this term in the bible. David wrote this Psalm, and what was David's first claim to fame? He slew the "nephillim" Goliath! (an Anakim). And to show he was not messing around, he brought 4 extra "stones" for Goliath's 4 other "nephillim" brothers. What's most interesting about the word "miry" here is its translation. Its different from the one in Daniel, Its [Strong's ref. 3121 yaven, yaw - ven; prop.dregs; hence, mud:- mire, miry.]. This translation is exclusive to this ONE place in scripture. As you can see, there is some substance to this.

"But as the day's of Noah were,so
S H A L L   A L S O
the coming of the Son of man be".

(Matthew 24:37)

        This warning should not be taken lightly, for this comes out of the mouth of Christ!. You must remember, the "day's" of Noah extended past the flood. And we also found out that there was nephillim after the flood as well. Noah lived up to the time of the advent of the first "Antichrist", NIMROD. This is an important point to take note of, because the Antichrist to come will be something "like" him. We shall continue further with our study of this certain individual in part two of this series, as he plays a most significant role in end time prophecy and is an extremely important link between the "mysteries" of the nephillim in the bible, and the modern day phenomena of UFO's, aliens, and abduction historically.The Antichrist plays one of the most important roles in end-time bible prophecy. To understand the connection between the modern day UFO, alien phenomena, and the "nephillim" of the bible, one must know something of the background and historical roots of the biblical Antichrist. After a brief examination, we shall look further back in time for vestigial traces between the "sons of God' interaction on mankind in history, and the UFO phenomena of today in the scripture, and from what we know from academia and science. Lets take a look at a "key figure" in end-time prophecy interpretation and his connections with our topic  in part 2 of this discussion.More can be shown to directly connect the modern day UFO and alien dilemna with the bible, by doing a simple study of the shadowy figure in the scriptures known as the "Antichrist". He, is ever so directly antiquated to "Lucifer" in the scriptures, and shall play a most important role in the final episode of the last days.


        The many different aspects of the Antichrist as related in the bible, are hard to understand unless you can SEE the "system" that ushers him in (NWO). But given the picture the bible gives us of him, only naivety would conclude that this "man" is, us! If their is one verse of scripture to confirm this conclusion then:

"Yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, and the
cedars of Lebanon, saying, Since thou (Antichrist)
laid down,
feller (nephillim)
is come up against us".

(Isaiah 14:8)

        This verse is a prophecy pertaining to AFTER the Tribulation in co-ordination with verse 7 as well. This is the only place in the entirety of scripture that uses this word "feller" in its present form.. As I've shown before, "feller" is used "exclusively" of giants! (nephillim). But let's check out the translation here. In the Hebrew its [Strong's ref. 3772 karath, kaw - rath; a prim. root; to cut off; by impl. to destroy or consume; spec. to make a covenant (alliance or bargain); be con-federate, feller, lose, perish, +utterly]. Doesn't the Antichrist "confirm" a "covenant" of 7 years? At the end , doesn't he "utterly lose" and "perish"? Isn't he the one that "cut's off" the "daily sacrifice", resulting in the "abomination of desolation"? Isn't this talking about our boy? Than what's with the absolutely non-sensical interpretation of the Church today? Hal Lindsay has seen this and has publicly stated his belief that the Antichrist will be a nephillim, and so do I. You see, the Antichrist is Satan's version of the "Messiah". A half-god man! No its NOT a deception, he's REAL!. The "deception" is to those who don't recognize him as such, a REAL LIVE MONSTER! His "supernatural powers" will be completely REAL, NOT MAGIC (no rabbits and mirrors). THE WHOLE WORLD WILL FOLLOW THIS "THING". To the deceived he WILL look like the MESSIAH, or shall I say to the vast majority, even the Lord Jesus Christ! That's how strong the "deception" is, to "deceive even the very ELECT if it were at all possible", and its happening RIGHT NOW (my people perish for lack of knowledge). The bible shows that he will be the "king" of PHLANTHROPY, the world will LOVE HIM and follow him right to hell. In fact, the Church is primed for him RIGHT NOW, and they will FOLLOW HIM with the rest of THE WORLD. MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS ARE GOING TO PERISH! As I've shown earlier, the "ten kings" of Daniel are also nephillim, and are in league with THE BEAST and his empire during the Tribulation. As I've shown earlier, there is a direct connection between the fallen angels (watchers) and nephillim (Zophim), and "eyes". There is somebody else antiquated with "eyes" in scripture:

"...there came up among them another
little horn (Antichrist)...
and behold, in this horn were
L  I  K  E

the eyes of a man,
and a mouth speaking great things".

(Daniel 7:8)

        I believe this to be a "binding tie". Notice here that the "eyes" in this little horn, are LIKE that of a man. Its NOT saying they ARE of a man. The bible says that the Antichrist "does not worship the gods of his fathers", thats because his "fathers" DIDN'T WORSHIP ANY GODS, THEY WERE THE GODS, THE NEPHILLIM AND THE WATCHERS! The "god" he is going to "worship" is HIMSELF, a GOD OF FORCES! (his supernatural abilities). This is why he "regards no woman", for he MAGNIFIES HIMSELF ABOVE ALL!. He "worships" and believes HIMSELF AS GOD!. He doesn't think the need to "procreate" to extend himself, after all, he's GOD (eternal!, in his mind, and well... as I've shown, he REALLY KINDA IS!). Do you SEE the scenario? There is another little tidbit as to his true identity:

"Woe unto you that desire the
day of the Lord...
as if a man did flee from a lion,
and a bearmet him; or went into the house,
and leaned his hand on the wall, and a
SERPENT (Antichrist)
bit him (kings of the earth)

(Amos 5:18-19)

        This couple of verses of scripture have been generally interpreted as the "betrayal" of the kings of the earth, by the Antichrist (Not his nephillim "kings"). It could possibly be alluding to the three "horns" that are plucked up by the "little horn" (Antichrist) in the book of Daniel. Regardless, he is a SERPENT!. This is not just by happenstance. This verse can be interpreted many different ways at the MOMENT. We will not know for sure until these "personages" are revealed. "Serpent" is translated here [Strong's ref. 5175 nachash], with descriptions inferring "eyes" or "observing", and "magic spells" and "divine" as adjectives.


     Contrary to today's prophetical interpretation, the Antichrist does NOT become "POSSESSED" by Satan!. Satan is "cast down" upon the earth to be WITH the "Antichrist", and the "False Prophet" (satanic trinity) , as well as being met with a HOST of demons "from hell beneath..." (tartarus), and nephillim "to fulfil my wrath..." (as shown earlier). These three are brought together with their "host", dragging along with them the WHOLE WORLD, to fight a battle called Armageddon against GOD ALMIGHTY!. Can you understand the utter INSANITY of this scenario! But this is what the bible shows

"And I saw
unclean spirits
L  I  K  E   F R O G S
come out of the mouth of the dragon, and
out of the mouth of the beast,and out of the
mouth of the false prophet".

(Revelation 16:13)

        As you can see, there are "3" separate individuals referred to here. There are three "unclean spirits" (demonic), that proceed from the mouth's of these three. It states that they are like "FROGS" (serpents, reptilian?). Could this be a subtle reference to Isaiah 14:29? Could this be alluding to "fiery flying SERPENTS?". The text states that they come out of their MOUTHS. Maybe it is implying that they will convince the world that "aliens" are in fact our CREATORS. The reason that I say this, is that there has to be some kind of "out of this world" reason for what happens next:

"For they are the
working miracles,
which go forth unto the
kings of the earth
and of the
to gather them to the battle of that great day
of God almighty".

(Revelation 16:14)

     I want you to notice here that "they" are the "spirits of DEVILS!". Now, according to modern day interpretation, devils ARE spirits. So, how do you make sense of this phrase? Because the "devils, are something other than the "spirits" that proceed from them. They proceed forth from the "mouths" of these three in tandem with the "working of miracles". This draws the WHOLE WORLD to battle, through the "kings of the earth" (ALL leaders), against whom? GOD ALMIGHTY!. What this is all referring to ladies and gents, is THE LIE OF ALL LIES!. This is a "specific" LIE! This is the one talked about by the Apostle Paul (2 Thess. 2:11). There is only ONE scenario that can possibly create this event. I don't care how you slice it, dice it, rationalize it, or equate it. This can NOT, nor will it happen unless the WHOLE WORLD does NOT know that it is GOD ALMIGHTY! That is all there is to it!. They are not going to know who they are fighting against, because they are told it is someone or "something" else. AN ALIEN INVASION?, while the beast, false prophet, dragon, nephillim, demons, and UFO's with there ALIEN occupants are DOWN HERE with the rest of us all working together to prepare for a battle against the LORD, like one big happy family!. This whole plot comes to a fiery end ON THAT DAY, which is specifically referring to the "day of the Lord", the return of Jesus Christ, and the day of WRATH:

"And it shall come to pass on that day, that
the Lord shall punish the
of the
H I G H  O N E S
that are

O  N   H  I  G  H
and the kings of the earth upon the earth".

(Isaiah 24:21)

       That day here folks is Armageddon. I want you to notice the next line, the Lord "punish's" the HOST that are ON HIGH. Its important that you note where they are at, on "high". From the perspective given of the Lord's return to earth, the "kings of the earth" are BELOW him, and the "host" ABOVE him, as Christ comes "in the clouds" and from the east. The Lord is also very specific here now, they are the "host" of the HIGH ONES! (nephillim, aliens, UFO's?). The Lord specifically gave what direction to look at for his return.

"Thou shalt bring down the noise of strangers,
as the heat in a dry place; even the heat with the
shadow of a CLOUD:
the branch (Antichrist?) of the
(Nephillim, aliens?)
shall be
brought low".

(Isaiah 25:5)

        The term "terrible ones" is an extemely interesting term. The translation for the word terrible is quite interesting as well as unique, its[Strongs ref. 6184 ariyts, aw - reets; fearful, i.e. powerful or tyrannical:- mighty, oppressor, in great power, strong, terrible, violent]. There are many translations for the word "terrible". The implication of the beginning of the verse from the end says that the "terrible ones" wereSTRANGERS(alien, foreign, check the translation out yourself). Its also interesting to note, that there is the "allusion" of Christs return with "the heat with the shadow of a CLOUD". The "branch" of the terrible ones is being equated with Isa.14:29 (fruit of the Antichrist, the terrible ones), and a couple of other passages of scripture. And even more so, we find this "strange" statement come out of the mouth of God that is ALWAYS mis-interpreted.

"Thus shall you say unto them, the
G  O  D  S
that have
not made the heavens and the earth,
shall perish from the earth ,
and from under these

(Jeremiah 10:11)

        This is the Lord speaking here in first person. It is directed at the "humans" of the earth. The Lord is NOT, acknowledging other "gods" here (none is like unto himself) , he is acknowledging that we (humans of the world) believe THEY ARE GODS!. Remember what scripture says "mens hearts failing them for FEAR of those things that are coming UPON THE EARTH!". Another thing, if God is only referring to "statues" and "idols" here like the "brain-trusts" of the Church want you to believe, than show me where these statues and idols are in SPACE, because that's what this verse says (heavens). There is a definite correlation taking place here as you shall see concerning the UFO agenda of their occupants, and the prophetical outline of the last days. So let us now turn our attention towards another piece of the puzzle.


       As I've said earlier, the last-days are centered around "Babylon". Contrary to what contemporary Christianity interprets Babylon to be, as well as being a "system", both economic and spiritually, it is also a "place" and not in Iraq or somewhere in the middle-east. There are over 150 parameters identifying this "Babylon" of the last-days. There is not space here to delve into this in great length (I shall in another dissertation), but prophecy related to the Tribulation period, is focused upon "Babylon" the NATION (place). I would like to now exegete some verses of scripture, so as to give you more of an understanding of the "invasion" scenario, right from the Holt Writ. We shall examine some in depth etymology of some of these words used.

"For out of the
there cometh up a
against her, which shall make her
land desolate, and none shall dwell therein:
they shall remove, they shall depart, both
man and beast"

(Jeremiah 50:3)

out of



from out of the

the north



hidden place, inremoteparts of the north, 
where God lives

cometh up



the top, the highest/above or

a nation



aliens, foreigners, a body of people or animals, locusts

       As you can see here, there is MUCH more than meets the eye here in the original language. The most interesting word of this verse is the word "great". The Gesenius Greek and Hebrew lexicon annotates the use of this word in reference to the "Anakim". It should be stated here, that this word is actually borrowed from the ancient Sumerians word "Annunakki". The Annunakki were gods in the ancient Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh (the Enuma Elish). They were said to have "descended" from the skies, "mated" with woman and produced demi-gods, then re-ascended after the "deluge". The word for "assembly" here is extremely unique. Brown-Driver-Brigg's Lexicon says that it is used especially of "angels" or"sons of God". The Lord is even more specific as to where the north is in relation to this "invasion". A couple of words can say a lot.

"Come against her from the

(Jeremiah 50:9)

come against her



go down into war, especially suddenly



the utmost border



an end, or extremity of space or time with space the idea of extreme remoteness as to being nearly infinite!

        Are you starting to see that some of these adjectives are used in direct connection with "outer space"! Listen, "Russia" is NOT the "nearly infinite"!. All of these adjectives in the translation infer EXTREMELY REMOTE, VERY AFAR OFF, AS BEING NEARLY INFINITE. To show you I'm not blowing air, let us refer back to Isaiah 13, and the "nephillim" that come to fulfill God's wrath!

"T H E Y
come from a
far country, from the
E N D  O F  H E A V E N,

even the Lord, and the weapons of his indignation, to
destroy the whole land (world)".

(Isaiah 13:5)

from a far



remote, very
distant, afar off,
very afar off




a worldor planet

from the end of



infinite, an end or an extremity of space-
time, extremely 




outer space, solar system, universe

       The word to be noticed here is "heaven". It is NOT being used in the description of "terrestrial heaven" (the sky), it is being used in reference to OUTER SPACE and the UNIVERSE AT LARGE!. You must understand this, this is what the "writer" intended to say. He was very specific in the choice of words. The choice for the word "far" is very specific, he could have used others antiquated to "terrestrial distance". The same goes for the word "end", it is used in connotation of the"extremities of the universe"!. This just isn't happenstance. The "invasion against Babylon", comes from OUTER SPACE, and the nephillim have been directly connected in these translations. Now, hold it a minute, before you close this up and throw it away labeling me a NUTCASE, let me show you something else here. As I've said, what meets the eye is not necessarily what its saying. You have to look "under" the covers by looking into the original translation in the original language it was given. "Babylon" is a central theme in the last-days according to scripture. She will be completely decimated in the end for she will never be inhabited again FOREVER. The problem is, 99% of the body of Christ don't realize by "whom" and "how" it will be decimated. Christians are so used to believing what others believe, they can't handle the TRUTH when they are exposed. The scripture reveals some strange things when dealing with all the events surrounded with the last-days. Let's look at something here that is directly connected with what is referred to as "locusts" in the books of Joel and Revelation, and is in reference to the last-days.The "locusts" have always remained a mystery in modern theological prophecy interpretation even though they will not admit it, and always interpreted out of context and "comically". What meets the eye on the surface, is not always what it means "underneath" in the original translation. This next verse alludes to "locusts" when you exegete it. This verse is in reference to Babylon, and the invasion that is brought upon it by DEMONIC BEINGS when you scrutinize it closely. There is no mistake about it, much of what you read is not exactly how it really is supposed to be read and understood. The passage of time, tradition, and RELIGION, has buried the real truths. I believe Jeremiah is directly connecting this verse with that of the "locusts" of Joel, and Revelation:

" together against her the kingdoms
of Ararat, Minni, and Ashkenaz; appoint a
against her,
cause the horses to come up as the
rough caterpillars".

(Jeremiah 51:27)

call together



announce/call or summon

against her



from the top,
from the above

the kingdoms of



a dominion, estate 
or country, from 
#4427 "malak" = to reign, also connects 
to "angels" = "ma'lak" - #4397




Mt. Ararat





and Ashkenaz



Bosnia (NOT Germany) acc. To Gesenius




appoint or assign 
an officer to be in charge

a captain



lit. a "prince of height", a certain superior angel of high rank, prob. "kosmokrator" class/rank angel/being

against her



from the top, from
the above, from the highest

cause the horses


"NOT in the original"

come up against



from the top, from above

her as the rough



rough, bristling, horn-likesheaths of a pupa




a kind or type of  locust

       As you can see by the exegesis, in NO WAY does any of this antiquate to "human activity". It should be pointed out here, that the phrase "cause the horses", has been ADDED to your bible. This is NOT in the original text. The "captain" spoken of here is specifically translated as that of a "angel" in the original Hebrew. Take good note of the reference to the "rough caterpillar". The translation is inferring that of a kind of "pupa stage" for these "locusts". The inference here is to imply that the "identity" of these "locusts" ishiddenat the moment, to be revealed when they are brought forth out of the "cocoon" (pupa). Note the allusion to "horn-like" in the translation for "rough". As shown earlier, a lot of the "horns" we dealt with earlier, are directly antiquated with "nephillim". Locusts are noted for "flying in massive swarms", to such an extant that they can block out the sky of sunlight. The exegesis of the word "caterpillars" is even more specific, they are KIND of like "locusts". It is not directly saying they are locusts, because they are NOT. They are kind of LIKE (in how they function). "Flight" is definitely inferred in the translation. This "kind" has the ability to fly where as I've already shown, some members of the fallen host do not share this ability. Lets look at something else now, to show you what I'm talking about.

"And there came out of the smoke
L  O  C  U  S  T  S
upon the earth:
and unto them was given
as the
of the earth has power".

(Revelation 9:3)

      As you will notice in verse two before this, these "locusts" come up from the "bottomless pit" (correctly the "abyss").The word for them in the Hebrew is"akris"[Strong's ref. 200] which means among other things,"pointed", and as "lightning". Have you ever seen video of UFO's doing maneuvers? They can reach speeds of 17,000 mph., and when caught on film, it leaves the appearance of "streaked lightning"! What is caught on film is the "light trails" in jagged non-uniformity suggesting rapid direction change in acceleration. There is also the allusion in the translation of "locusts" as to "having access to the tip-top, or the utmost parts"!. Verses 7 to 10 will tell you what they looked like. Verse 11 tells you it is a "kosmokrator" class/rank angel called ABADDON that is "prince" over them. Verse 5 tells you that they are given power to torment men for five months. You take a good look at this passage and you tell me that were dealing with "puffs of wind" here? I think NOT!. This verse is NOT antiquating interaction between man and non-physical reality! On the contrary, it is being very "specific" as to description of interaction. These things in this instance are being referred to as locusts "symbolically", as pertaining to FLIGHT!. There is no question here it is referring to "demonic beings", but is there anything else to show us just exactly "who" of the demonic hierarchy we are dealing with here?. In verses 15 and 16, we find that 200,000,000 of these things are let loose to destroy 1/3rd of mankind, under the command of 4 "commanders" who are subordinate to "General Abaddon". Read chapter 9 very carefully, pay attention. These "locusts" are very strange in appearance. There is no doubt that we are dealing with "supernatural beings" here. These things are allowed to unleash on mankind, torment for 5 months. The description of these things is very interesting, but what's most intriguing, can be missed very easily. Towards the end of chapter 9, the description of the "locusts" is yet expounded once again. The "power" of these things is in their "mouths" and in their "tails". The "tails" in fact are distinct entities of themselves. Take a good look at what the "tails ARE:

"For their power is in their mouth,
and in their tails: for their
were like
S  E  R  P  E  N  T  S,

and had
h  e  a  d  s,
and with them they do hurt".

(Revelation 9:19)

       Over and over in this chapter, we are told about the "power" of the "scorpion-like" tails of these "locusts" with man/woman/beast "visages". We are told very quickly (and once I may add) a little more detail about the tails of these "things". If you are not paying attention when reading this chapter, you will completely miss it. The inference is very subtle. They are like untoSERPENTS!. I now ask you to refer back to Isa. 14:29 (fiery flying serpents). Are you getting the picture? This is not talking about "snakes", It is distinctly referring to "demons" in the etymology. This is a "plague" that is brought upon mankind. The typology is evident when one relates back to Numbers 21:6. A plague of "demons" was brought upon the Israelites in the desert before they entered the Promised Land (Canaan, home to most of the nephillim races!). A plague of 200,000,000 "locusts" (demons) will be brought upon the world before the reigning in of the King of Kings and the millennium. Furthermore, John relates that the "tails that torment" also have "heads". This is something that has been completely looked-over in prophetical interpretation. The "tails" are distinct beings with "heads", which alludes to "personality". The translation used here is "ophis"in the Hebrew (Strong's ref. 3789)with the reference to "eyes" in the translation (watchers/nephillim?), and directly related to Satan in the meaning. The torment inflicted by these "locusts" is like the "sting of a scorpion". Do you know what the effects of a scorpion bite are? If not treated, the victim will lapse into "paralysis", than eventual "toxic cardio-pulmonary shock", or more commonly referred to as a "heart attack" (heart failure). Now, I just want you to read Joel 2:1-11 over carefully. It is also talking about the same events Jeremiah and John are talking about. The added phrase in Jer. 51:27 (cause the horses), was taken from Joel 2:4. This chapter is in harmony with Rev. 9. These are "locusts" (flying serpents, UFO's) that are being inferred here.

"Like the noise of chariots on the
of the
shall they
like the
of a
flame of fire
that devoureth stubble,as a
strong people
set in battle array".

(Joel 2:5)

        The imperative word in this verse is "shall". These "things" are antiquated with the "appearance of "fire" or "brilliance". The translation shows they are not on fire, nor do they "burn things up". It is viewed LIKE unto these things. What is being shown here, is "access of (sky)", how "fast" (noise), and how "efficient" (burnt stubble). Read verse 6, that translation for "mighty" is "gibhor", giant, or what it really is called, nephillim. Verse 8 infers they have "supernatural life". Verse 9 sounds like an "alien holocaust" (it leaves the ever so slight after-thought of "mass abduction"). Verse 10 tells you these are definitelyNOT"men". I've heard every interpretation there is on this passage, and every-time they put this passage in the context of "humans" doing these things, it becomes comical.


        Probably the most famous passage of scripture that people relate to as describing a UFO, or UFO's, is Ezekial ch.1. To the shock and amazement of most who hold this view I would expect, this passage is NOT describing UFO's. Let me show you what is being described here. Read chapter one very carefully first then turn your attention back to this document. Think about what your reading. Ezekial is "viewing" this, so "picture" what he is viewing. Ezekial describes a lot of detailed "perspective" here as to his surroundings, and what they look like.

"And I looked and behold a
came out of the
a great cloud, and a fire

and a brightness was about it, and out of midst of
it was the color of amber. out of the
MIDST of the fire".

(Ezekial 1:4)

        I want to reiterate something here again, the "north" is where the Lord "resides" (in the sides thereof) according to scripture. The "north" is where heaven is. A "whirlwind" came out of the "north". The translation here is distinctly different than the others. It is [Strong's ref. 7307 ruwach, roo - ahk; wind; by resemb. breath, a violent exhalation: fig. life; by exten. a region of the sky; by resemb.spirit, tempest, whirlwind]. What your going to be shown here, is that something is being given BIRTH  too. This is also descriptive of the life giving "spirit" of God. This is a "vision" of and on a massive scale. What I mean is, what Ezekial is looking at, is not confined to his perspective of planet Earth. This is HUGE. Out of this "infolding fire", comes "creatures" of various appearance. The descriptions of the "creatures" are not as important as to their "actions".

"Their wings were
one to another; they
turned not
when they went; they went everyone
straight forward".

(vs. 9)

       If you study this little verse by itself, you'll find that this illustration cannot work if you are picturing this in two dimensions. This canONLY be properly understood if you are thinking 360 degree "panoramic" view (spherical). What Ezekial is looking at is the "night sky" from the perspective of Earth. The creatures are "cherubs" and they are ZODIAC!. They are "constellations of stars" that we see in the night sky:

"Now as I beheld the living creatures,
behold one wheel
U  P  O  N
the earth
by the living creatures, with his four faces".

(vs. 15)

     Take careful note of the "wheel UPON the earth". Ezekial is looking at the "horizon". The answer to this whole riddle is in how the "wheels" work or move. Without getting into a prolonged detailed analysis, I think you should be able to get a pretty generalized picture by the next verse.

"The appearance of the wheels and their
work (construction), was as it were a
wheel in the middle of a wheel...
And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by
them: and when the living creatures were
lifted up from the Earth,
wheels were lifted up...
for the
of the living creature
was in the wheels".

(Ezekial 1:16-17-19-20)

        The "wheels within wheels" are the "terrestrial planets" going around in their "orbits". And "when the living creatures went", that is, when the "constellations" went around in the heavens, "the wheels went with them". The planets in their orbits went around with them, "for the living creature was in the wheel". The constellations orbit along a "wheel", as do the planets. Though the constellations aren't really moving, it gives the appearance that they are from the orbits of the planets, and our own orbit of the Earth. Now, this passage is not entirely devoid of any mention to UFO's. If you understand that Ezekial was shown the birth of the "constellations", and their seemingly movements amongst the stars and the planets of our solar system, then you will understand what Ezekial is looking at here.

"As for their rings (orbits), they were so
H  I  G  H
that they were dreadful; and their rings were

round about them..."

(vs. 18)

       The word "dreadful" here is usually interpreted as meaning "full of awe". No, Ezekial IS seeing something dreadful  here. The "orbits" of the constellation and the planets, were so "high", giving the allusion of great distance. But Ezekial states something else here, the "orbits" of these cosmic bodies are "full of eyes". This is what is dreadful. Ezekial is stating that the "constellations" areFULLOFWATCHERS OR ZOPHIM. As stated before, we get our word "eyes" from the word "zophim" (watchers).


        The intellectual war of the last millennium, has been raging this past century between two opponents and one subject, "evolution". The outcome of this war so far has shown, that the "atheist" is wrong because he doesn't know God, and the average Christian is wrong because he has been taught "doctrines of men", and has not truly searched for the truth in Gods Word. The answer to the dilemma of "millions of years", as opposed to "6000" has ALWAYS been found in the bible, and the bible would state that both "millions" and "6000" are OF A TRUTH! The main sensitive point for most Christians is not so much the "time" element, as to the "creation" vs. what the world perceives as "evolution" when it comes to MAN. I will say this right off the top, man did NOT "evolve" from a monkey, bug, slug, or any other utterly ABSURD idea of the like. I for the life of me, will never understand how someone can even "entertain" this notion. Never the less, lets see what really IS truth. The area of concern I first want bring to your attention is "time". A careful study of scripture indicates that the "Word" is centered around the time-frame of God's 6,000 year plan for mankind before the millennial reign of Christ, but that is not ALL the "time" related to in the scripture. There are many strange verses in the scripture that cannot be understood via modern theology. Modern theology eliminates these verses out of their doctrines because they "do not fit". To show you this, we must go to the beginning, and take a close look to see if we have been told the truth from our "prophets" of the Word who lead the Church, for they are the ones who have "decided" what is truth and what is not FOR YOU!.

"In the beginning God created the heaven
and the earth. And the earth was
and darkness was upon
the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God
moved upon
the face of the waters".

(Genesis 1:1-2)

in the beginning



beginning, from now,
of old, at which time, then, hitherto

God created



a prim. root, to create, select, do, dispatch, make

the heaven



outer space, the 2ndheaven, celestial space

and the earth



a planet or world

        The textual intent of this verse is to imply a very "generalized description". These words used are not as defined as they could be if this verse were to imply the "summation" of creation. It does NOT. As the Lord outlines the creative "steps" in further verses, the words become much more descriptive. There probably never would have arose an arguement against "instantaneous creation", had the Lord not put in vs. 2, and some other subsequent verses of scripture. There is NO good arguement on the side of "creation scientists", for the reason why the Lord describes the "condition" and state of the earth here.

was without form



to lie waste, a desolation
(of surface), wilderness, fig.
A worthless thing, confusion

and void



to be empty, a vacuity, i.e. an undistinguishable ruin, void

     The word for "form" is "tohuw" in the Hebrew. It is one of "17" different translations for the word "form". It is used exclusively of only two passages of scripture in the bible. The word for "void" is "bohuw". It is one of "12" different translations for the word "void", and is ALSO used exclusively of only two passages of scripture in the whole of the bible. I want you to take a good look at these two translations, and then you tell me where in the bible it says God is the author of CONFUSION!. On the contrary, read (1 Cor.14:33). Tell me where it says God would create a WORTHLESS THING!, a DESOLATION, an UNDISTINGUISHABLE RUIN!, and "void" (empty) at that. NO, God did NOT create the earth in this condition before he created the world as we know. What this is saying, is that God created "order out of chaos"!, If you believe the "creation science" view. This is exactly the "modis operandi" of Freemasonry and the NWO!. I don't bloody think SO! But the "creation scientists" would have you, the "Christian", as well as tell the world that this is in fact the case. Absolute "skubalon" (check that out in your Strong's concordance). The Lord God "spoke" and the world's WERE, and it WAS GOOD! No matter how you slice it, something "happened" before God created the present "state" of the earth. There are MANY verses to allude to this very fact.

"And God blessed them, and God said unto
them, be fruitful and multiply, and
R  E  P  L  E  N  I  S  H
the earth..."

(Genesis 1:28)

        The word "replenish" here is [Strong's ref. 4390 mala]which means to be full, fulfil, satisfy, be expired, accomplish. Our English translates this word as meaning "to redo what was once done", obviously. The fact of the matter is, there is no "use" of the word "plenish" in the bible. This does NOT mean that it is not a word that appears in the Hebrew, it just means its NOT BEING USED!. The textual intent by itself implies WHAT IT IMPLIES! But enough of this, lets listen to David sum it all up in one verse of a Psalm:

"Thou sendeth forth thy spirit (Gen.1:2),
they are created (Adam & Eve): and thou
R  E  N  E  W  E  S  T
the face of the earth".

(Psalm 104:30)

       David is summing it up pretty simply. You do see that word "renewest" don't you? Yup, thats what it means, the "face of the earth was RENEWED!". O.k., renewed from what? well...a waste and a desolation, an undistinguishable ruin, CONFUSION, get the picture? The word used here is [Strong's ref. 2318 chadash, khaw - dash; a prim. root; to be new, to rebuild, repair, renew], so there's NO mistake!. Well, let's go on then. We know that something "major" happened to the face of the earth. Are there any traces of what happened? Does God say anything about this elusive time period?. You betcha:

"I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was
and the heavens, they had no light".

(Jeremiah 4:23) doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what Jeremiah is looking at. He is looking at Gen.1:2. This is the only other place where "tohuw"and "bohuw"are used, and its not by accident. Bible prophecy is given to identify and magnify the God of the bible. The God of the bible is the "alpha and omega", he can go backwards and forwards in time at his leisure, and may very well want you to see something in the PAST!. This is a "vision" of the PAST! But, Jeremiah has much more to say.

"I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they
and all the hills moved lightly.
I beheld, and, lo, there was
NO MAN (Adam),
and all the
birds of the heavens
were fled".

(vs. 24-25)

       We are getting more detail now as to what happened to the earth for it to be like Gen.1:2. The context is still that of the "whole" earth here. The mountains trembled and the hills moved lightly. Jeremiah is observing Gen 1:2, right after something  happened. Adam was not yet created, as this is what the translation for "man " is here [Strong's ref. 120 adam]. But if your not paying attention, you'll miss the end of the verse. All the "birds of the heavens" (plural) were FLED! The "event" as I will now call it, caused these "birds" to flee. There are at least "2" heavens being talked about here. There are three referred to in the bible. 1) earths atmosphere 2) outer space 3) heaven! (where God's throne is). The intent of the verse says that they left the 1st heaven to go into the 2nd heaven. By the way, "birds" and "fowl" in scripture, are sometimes symbolic to meaning "demonic beings". I believe this is what we're reading here. There is NO DOUBT that God alludes to events that have happened in the remote past, things that have taken place NOT NECESSARILY ON EARTH as we shall soon see. This passage in Jeremiah has become one of the most distorted passages in modern theology. It is avoided because it doesn't make any sense according to the "doctrines" upheld by the Church. This passage is usually interpreted and placed in the FUTURE. I don't think so. The vocabulary intent places these events in the PAST by Jeremiah, and I believe it is distinctly dealing with the time period of SATAN'S FALL. Now, if we just go with the flow of the text, something else abruptly comes to light.

"I beheld, and, lo, the
was a wilderness, and all the
C   I   T   I   E   S

at the
presence of the Lord,
and by his fierce anger".

(vs. 26)

        Well, I'm out to lunch right about now you say...right? Don't be so fast to doubt, the "Word" is not through here. If you are to believe what I've shown you so far, than this verse is implying that there were CITIES in the "fruitful place" before the "event". But there wasNO"man", noAdam  according to the translation, he was not yet created. Remember, that the face of the earth was covered with water in Gen.1:2. The only "inhabitants" spoken of anywhere here are "birds" so far, and it would seem to imply that the CITIES belonged to the BIRDS!. Let's go on.

"Behold, the Lord maketh the earth
EMPTY (void),
and maketh it
and turneth it
and scattereth abroad the

(Isaiah 24:1)

        Isaiah is definitely referring to the "event". It is the Lord that does this to the earth. We see a new dimension added here to the "event" with the earth being turned upside down. This is NOT referring to a future event, this happened in the past. As in Jeremiah, we see the allusion of the inhabitants (birds) fleeing, or rather, being scattered because of the event. What caused the earth to overturn? Well, read Job 12:15, than when you're done that read Psa. 24:1-2. You'll find that it is a "flood" that turns the earth "upside-down", and that the earth was "established upon 2 floods". Now, which flood was the one that made the earth turn upside-down? It is a bad guess if you said Noah's flood, because you and me, and everyone else including Noah, would have never been here, Noah would've PERISHED!. The earth was over-turned by the first flood of Gen.1:1-2. there are multiple strange references throughout the Old Testament to describe the earth trembling, shaking, melting, smoking etc. These seem out of place in some of the texts, see Job 9:6, 26:11, Psa.97:3-5, 60:2, 104:32. The first flood was NOT the event. The event involved "fire", "smoke", "melting" etc. Let me now refer you to a startling passage of scripture.

"Then the earth shook and trembled; the
foundations also of the hills moved and
were shaken, because he was
he bowed the heavens also, and came
D O W N:
darkness was under his feet (Gen.1:2)".

(Isaiah 18:7-9)

        This is talking about God here. If God hadn't created the earth and man yet, why is he so wroth? If you read vs. 8, you'd notice that "fire out of his mouth devoured". Devoured what? I do not believe this is all analogous and symbolism, and generally good "poetry". This verse is definitely alluding to Genesis 1:1-2, and Jeremiah 4:23, but these verses are showing the "why" of those verses. Continue:

"He made
darkness his secret place;
his pavilion round about him were
dark waters (Gen.1:2)
and thick clouds of skies...At the
brightness that was before him
his thick clouds passed".

(vs. 11-12)

This verse is absolutely placing this event at Gen.1:2. There was a "brightness before him" as in the passage of Jeremiah ch.4. It is connected with the hail stones  and the coals of fire.

"The Lord also thundered in the heavens,
and the Highest gave his voice;
hail stones and coals of fire.
Yea, he sent out his arrows, and
and he shot out
and discomfited
T  H  E  M".

(vs. 13-14)

     I believe the "them" to still be what Jeremiah refers to as "birds". As you've noticed all through this dissertation, the term "them" has been used throughout to describe the "demonic host". All these passages have been harmonious with a "scattering" of these "inhabitants" which we've identified as being "birds"!. Oh but there's much more. I believe the "key" to this whole riddle is found in the book of Ezekial in the ominous passage that describes the "anointed cherub that covereth". This is probably by far, one of the most mis-interpreted passages of scripture.


        As I've shown earlier, there are many little details that can be passed over, if you don't spend the time digging things out. One of the biggest questions to be raised about Ezek. 28, is "where" are the events taking place. In heaven? study this passage and you'll find that it CANNOT be so. These verses are referring to within the boundaries of the universe. There is detail in the description of the location where Satan "the ANOINTED cherub" is located. If we look close enough, we might even find exactly "where":

"Thou art the
anointed cherub that covereth;
and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy
mountain of God; thou hast
walked up and down in the midst of


(Ezekial 28:14)

thou hast walked



to walk, abroad, prosper, spread, journey, to haunt

up and down



the upward part,
exceeding high, over top, 
outer space

in the midst



the middle, midst, among,increase, be majestic, be risen

of the stones



through the mean. to build,:
-a stone, made, built, idea of  masonry, constructed

of fire



burning, fiery, fire,appearance lit.
or  fig.

       As you can see, Satan at one time was in the "midst" of the"stones of fire". But by this exegesis, we have found out something much stranger here. The "stones of fire" here are in fact BUILT"stones of fire". There is other words for "stones" in the Hebrew that could have denoted "natural stones" (ambiguously, any old rock or stone). The word for "stones" here implies that they were "crafted into shape", not something "random". The word for "fire" here does NOT imply that these "stones" were ON fire, rather they APPEAR TO BE on fire. The idea of "outer-space" is implied in the roots of the translation.What is being talked about here, are the PLANETS!.They are "built stones" that appear to be "on fire", because they reflect the SUN! This whole passage of Ezek.28 has NEVER been properly interpreted, and is always avoided. Read the whole passage carefully. The question has always been asked, where are we to place this these events surrounding "the anointed cherub" in relation to the "6000" year doctrine. Do we place this as happening "before" or "during" the time frame laid out by the "6000 doctrine".

"By the multitude of thy merchandise
T  H  E  Y
have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast
therefore I will
thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will
destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the
of the

(vs. 16)

        There is a lot here to digest. This passage implies that all of the blame was put on Satan, for the "violence" THEY brought up in his midst. The "they", obviously must be referring to the other 1/3 of heaven that fell with him (the "birds"). I believe that this "destruction" from the midst of the "built stones", happened in the PAST!. This "destruction" WAS THE EVENT I've referred too. This "event" was all in tandem with the initial "fall" of Lucifer! Lucifer was thrown out of heaven "before" the creation of Adam and the "renewing" of the planet. Satan was NOT destroyed, he had his "place of dwelling destroyed", and than was "scattered from the midst" of the "built stones of fire". It is this authors belief, that at one time, Satan and his host inhabited our solar system "physically", and established a "civilization" of ANGELIC BEINGS! Flesh had NOT been created yet!. They are known in some places of scripture as the "inhabitants thereof", or "they", or .... "birds"!. The most interesting factor is all the descriptions of this time-period do not seem to be describing "earth" or any distinct place per say. The only description of "where", is given in the phrase "stones of fire", which at casual glance would seem to be talking about somewhere in heaven. This just happens to be NOT the case. Read the next verse very carefully and tell me why does Satan have SANCTUARIES, and why would he need them in "heaven":

"Thou hast defiled
THY (Satan's)
S  A  N  C  T  U  A  R  I  E  S

by the multitude of thine iniquities,
by the iniquity of thy
therefore will I bring forth a
F  I  R  E
from the
MIDST (planets)
of thee..."

(vs. 18)

        Whose sanctuaries are they? that's right,Satan's!. Not for the worship of himself, but for the worship of GOD ALMIGHTY! (read Psa. 148). By the "defiling" of the very sanctuaries he "built" to honor God with, he was destroyed from the midst of the solar system, and "formally" CAST from heaven (though he still has access, see Job). I believe he was "based" on other planets other than earth in the solar system. The evidence of "un-natural" formations on other planets known to the general public speaks for itself. There is no doubt as to the evidence, the question is, who and what left it. I believe this "evidence" can be seen in our solar system, and is spoken of in other references in scripture. We take some things for granted when we read them, and therefore never find out what they really mean. Let's go on here, and dig some more.

"Thou hast
as one that is slain; thou hast
S  C  A  T  T  E  R  E  D
thine enemies with thine strong arm".

(Psalm 89:10)

thou hast broken



to bruise, beat to pieces, collapse, crush, smite,
break, discourage, oppress




boaster, proud, act 
insolently, strength, blusterer

in pieces



break in pieces, bruise,crush

as one that is slain



pierced, wounded, profane,
to break ones word, defile, slew, slain

thou hast scattered



to scatter abroad, disperse

thine enemies



an adversary, foe, enemy, as one of a oppo. Tribe or party, hostile

     The word "rahab" here is NOT the "harlot rahab" of Jericho. I'll tell you something else, its NOT Egypt, or Babylon, or any other country the false prophets of Babylon are trying to sell you. Scientists, and astronomers have scoured and pondered the scriptures for centuries, trying to find any traces for the evidence they see in the solar system of a "massive calamity" they know has taken place.Scientists have resolved themselves to the reality of a "cosmic collision" within our solar system in the remote past, that destroyed positively "one", if not two "planetary bodies", that were once in our solar system by a "comet" or another planet possibly on an unusually"elongated elliptical orbit", with a very long orbital period (once every 50,000 years perhaps). This supposed planetary body is almost completely undetected to mankind, except for the "myths" and "legends" of almost every ancient culture that has ever been on the earth (see Epic of Gilgamesh, planet "Marduk" etc.). Scientists and astronomers are aware of strange "gravitational" shifts, of some of the outer planets of the solar system. They have "discovered" a few of our planets by this same method. A couple of the outer planets have "peculiar orbits" which they believe to have been caused by some type of collision with another planetary body. They also assert, that the "moon" we now have was "caught" by our earth's orbit, which came from somewhere else in the solar system or from "outside". The general conclusion amongst them is that our solar system once upon a time, was NOT the way it is now. Between Mars and Jupiter, is what's left of a "planet" that was destroyed eons ago according to scientists. It is now an "asteroid belt", and the largest one in the solar system. There is another one in between Uranus and Neptune. This massive disturbance in the solar system caused the then "thriving" planet of Mars to be completely devastated of all "life" (remember now, it was announced to the world that "life" was found on Mars in 1976!). The ancient Babylonians called the planet that scientists believe was destroyed, "Tiamat" (the "maiden of life). It could possibly be that the Lord once called the asteroid belt we now see before Mars and Jupiter,RAHAB! Look at the translation for the word "slain". It is very distinct and has all the adjectives of the other passages I've given in description of Satan and what happened to him. The word "rahab" here is used as an "adjective!". It has been "assumed" that it is representative of Egypt, because of its use in one other passage of scripture, and thereby is now Church "doctrine". You've read these verses before many times, and they just don't seem to fit with anything else. These verse are "generalized" in their interpretations by theologians and are left being not properly understood. If were dealing with "Egypt" here, circa. "Exodus", why is God saying it happened in the ANCIENT DAYS!: Why do the teachers and leaders of the Word look over so many details:

"Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm
of the Lord; awake, as in the
in the generations of old. Art thou not it that hath
C U T  R A H A B,

(Isaiah 51:9)

as in the


ancient days



afore time, eternal, everlasting, ancient, before, the front of

in the


generations of old



concealed, the vanishing point, eternity, time out of mind, eternal

       It is the same translation for the word "rahab" here. But notice these translations indicating time-frame. The next verse does talk about Egypt, so it has been "assumed" that this is what "rahab" must be referring to. Garbage, since when was Egypt so ancient to Isaiah when he wrote this book (the mini-bible, 66 books!), to the extent that he relates it to "eternity" and a time "out of mind", meaning no memory of, or before TIME!. You take a good look at all these translations I've exegeted. There are MANY other words that could have been used for the ones that were, to better get across the meanings that the mainstream Church so willingly follow after. I'm sorry but the Egypt interpretation is BUNK! These two verses I've given you are directly descriptive of SATAN, and what the Lord did in times PAST, BEFORE TIME! (Gen.1:2, Jer.4:23-28 etc.). This repeated reference to a time "afore time" is found over and over in the bible, as early as Genesis chapter 6!. Read 2 Peter 3:4-9 for New Testament confirmation on "afore time". Why would there be such words with such meanings if they are not in fact what they mean.

"The pillars of heaven tremble and are
astonished at his reproof.
He divideth he sea with his power, and by his understanding he
By his Spirit he garnished the heavens;his hand

(Job 26:11-13)

       I realize what your reading here is different than in your King James. Thats right, because what is in your King James is NOT correct. The word "smiteth" in verse 12 is [Strong's ref. 4272 machats, maw - khats; todash asunder, smash, crush, pierce, wound]. The word "proud" right after this is [Strong's ref. 7293 rahab, rah - hab; blusterer, proud, act insolently, boaster]. The translation for "crooked" in verse 13 is "barach" in the Hebrew which means "fugitive", or literally the "fleeing serpent" (check it out). As I've shown before, the Septuagint is much closer to the original. Verse 13 is rendered in the Septuagint " a command he has slain the "APOSTATE DRAGON". I believe there is a lot of things hidden in the translations we have now, and I also believe they were hidden intentionally.


       The start of the modern UFO era, begins in 1947 with the"Incident at Roswell". This is also known as the beginning of the "first wave". It should also be pointed out that this event happened within months of the prophecy fulfilling rebirth of apostate Israel, and the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I'm giving the reader the benefit of the doubt as to his knowledge of the incident, as I will not go into to many details. What most people do NOT realize, is that the Roswell Incident was actually "2" separate incidents. The incident that most people are familiar with, is what is referred to as the "first crash". It was this first crash that was reported by the Press, worldwide in 1947, and than "recanted" not many hours afterwards. This has been part of a cover-up for over 50 years by the United States government almost admittedly!What has not been revealed, is that there was a "second" crash site found by the Army that produced both the "disk" and its "occupants". Legend has it, that of the four occupants found, one was still alive!. One Col. Phillip Corso wrote a book claiming the said "alive" occupant, lived for some time afterwards giving mankind some of the technology we now have today. Included is the "computer chip", "fibre optics", the "laser", and "stealth technology" to name a few. Steven Spielberg claims that his movie "Close Encounters Of The 3rd Kind" is based upon a FACTUAL event that happened at Holloran Air Force Base in 1964 (an "exchange").The last 9 years has seen 4 incidents which scare UFOlogists because of their close proximity to major metropolitan cities, and because they are "mass sightings" with multiple witness's and "hard" documented evidence (video, still frame). These types of events are known as "flaps". They can go on for long periods of time with increasing intensity. On the evening of Thursday, March 13th 1997, there was the "mini-flap" in Phoenix Arizona that shocked America. This event was broadcast all over the world on the news. The media put out an official statement a couple of days after the event, claiming it was the rock group "U2" rehearsing for their tour outdoors, complete with "laser light show". I saw the footage, and it wasn't no "laser show". On January 1st 1993, Mexico City became host to an "invasion" of UFO's, that has become the best documented "mass sighting" in history. The Mexico City flap began in 1991. It officially ended as a "flap" in 1995, 4 years!, but the sightings have not ceased however. One day in 1993, "700" people caught the event on videotape. This footage is now widely circulated around the world and readily accessible. More than 100 of the videos were taken in the "day-time". In 1998, we saw the "Gulf Breeze" flap in south Florida, that produced some of the most astounding video footage of a mass sighting there has ever been. I've seen this footage, and it is incredibly shocking. 1996 saw the flap over Israel, which has been incredibly "hushed" by the mass media. This flap, referred to as "the big invasion", saw a great deal of video evidence come out of it, but has been suppressed. Very little of this footage has been released. I've seen a little bit of video from this flap off the Internet, and I'm telling you, we are NOT being told what's really going on. The 1990's has been the period called the "3rd wave" (2nd wave 60's and 70's) in UFOlogy.


       What I'm about to say right now, will contain NO LOVE! What I mean, is it will contain no PHILEO  love which the Church so "love's". If you have a problem with that, I suggest you stop reading this document right away. What I say right now, is said in AGAPE, with TRUTH the HIGHEST ULTERIOR MOTIVE!. Coincidentally, there just so happens to be a "3rd wave" happening right now in the Church, with the "Toronto Blessing" (and I live here, scary!). Proponents of this movement claim it to be a "fresh movement" of God. There's nothing fresh about it. Its happened before as a matter of fact. In "1948" with the "revival" (sic) "produced" by one William Branham, complete with "gold teeth", "gold dust", and "anointing oil" manifestations!. Mr. Branham also stated that the "manifestations" were coming from hailing UFO's! (gold dust and annointing oil falling from the sky!). Mr. Branham called it "the immortal substance of Christ's new body" (utter blasphemy). The proponents of the "3rd wave" call it the "new annointing". I'll tell you what it is, its the work of DEMONS!, and I"ve got documented "evidence" to support this. Kathryn Kuhlman was an supporter of the "ideology" of William Branham (Mr. Branham claimed the Holy Spirit revealed to him that God lived in the middle of the universe on a planet named "Kolob". This is also the claim of Kenneth Copeland. This "heresy" is now integrated into some of the bibles we now have like the Dake's, and the Living Word Study bible).There is not one "shred" of bible to back any of this, and if you tell me there "is", than you are a GNOSTIC!, AND DO NOT KNOW THE WORD OF GOD!. It would be pretty easy right now to just say I'm "Pentecostal bashing", but that just wouldn't be the case. I do not uphold any ONE denominations doctrines or creeds, they are NOT JESUS'S. As a matter of fact, I see both "Pentecostalism" and the "Baptist" doctrine, as twoDITCHES ON EITHER SIDE OF THE ROAD. I find it a personal insult to be labeled espousing to any CREED other than the creed of THE ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST. There is more written in scripture to DENOUNCE what we are seeing, than to support any of it. (Jer.50:11, 1 Cor.10:21, Isa.29:9-10 etc. etc.). I am more than open to entertain ANYONE to show me the contrary in the scripture, not surprisingly, no-one ever does. The reason why, is deep down "inside" , they're not sure themselves because the "authority" of their faith, lies in a EXPERIENCE! Haven't these people read in their bible that it is by EVERY WORD A MAN SHALL BE JUDGED! (the bible), not your EXPERIENCE. These people claim it is the "Holy Spirit", yet the one tell-tale sign in scripture we are to use to discern to see if its so, becomes of NO relevance to these people. They state that the "experience with the Holy Spirit" is enough to inbue the "trust", for their faith. They claim that "you just haven't got it" or "you just don't see it yet" (in the word). These people who promote this movement, uphold the "experience" over the WORD!. You may not know this, but the teachings of Mr. Branham are integrated into the doctrines that are now upheld by the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movements. If you do a thorough study of the so-called "revivals" of this century (Azuza St. etc.), you'll find that these "manifestations" were prevalent as well. Go check it out brother and sister, you'll find also that Mr. Branham was in fact a "FREEMASON", thereby a "LUCIFEREAN" (the belief that Lucifer is God, and God, Lucifer!). You think this "harsh"?, all "freemasons" ARE "Lucifereans", even if they DON'T KNOW IT!. Lucifer IS the GOD OF FREEMASONRY!. Freemasonry IS the ANCIENT MYSTERIESmanifested today, or what the Lord refers to as, MYSTERY BABYLON!. Do your homework!. The Church is RIPE for Antichrist, I'm telling ya the "glue" that is holding it all together right now is PHILEO LOVE!. "Phileo love" is the love of an UN-REGENERATE HEART. It is hurtful, compromising, conditional, and EVIL, of the soulish realm, carnal (Matt.7:11). It will compromise the TRUTH in the name of GRACE, nullifying the very WORD OF GOD!. The "love" of the Church is no different than that of the "world", yet is being portrayed as "divine". TRUTH is the "essence" of AGAPE LOVE, and from it comes TRUST, without TRUST, there is NO LOVE!. There isn't a person on this planet who does not put "trust" in a LOVED ONE ABOVE ALL ELSE, without it there is no FAITH, without FAITH, no HOPE! This is why God is not looking for perfection in the physical sense of the word, but TRUST, and that only comes from LOVE, AGAPE LOVE. Phileo love is what the Church is calling the "Holy Spirit"! The Church at large , does not realize that it was LOVE that caused MAN TO FALL. Eve was deceived, Adam was NOT. He partook of the fruit out of his "love" for Eve, he did not want to be separated for eternity from her. It was the action of ADAM that caused God to place the "curse" upon mankind. ADAM  KNEW  BETTER, but he dis-obeyed causing death! The scripture says Eve was "beguiled", but Adam imbued the curse. I'm sorry if you don't like it, but thats what the bible TEACHES!. Because Christianity has become "experience based", and because they "loved NOT the TRUTH, I shall send them a strong delusion, the truth shall seem like a LIE, and a LIE shall seem like the TRUTH!. This is WHY they will run to the ALTAR of the ANTICHRIST when he arrives!.  The reason why I have placed this topic in this document, is because their IS a correlation with what has been happening in the last 10 years in the Church, with UFO activity. Most of the UFO sightings in the United States and Canada, have been centered around "two" specific areas, southern Florida and north-western New York State over the last decade. The "Gulf Breeze" flap, the mass sightings in Miami Beach, the upper New York State sightings of 1992, the West Carlton Event in Ontario etc. These are "focused" in distinct locations. Brownesville Florida is the second major site, of the "Toronto Blessing out-pouring". This is a scant few miles from "Gulf Breeze" and the other mass-sightings in Florida in the last 10 years. Do think this is just coincidence? Am I a little paranoid? The "little green cloud" that Rodney Howard Browne affectionately claims is God (I'm not kidding, he says it is the "glory of the Lord"), is conspicuously oriented with what are considered "major flaps" (a flap is a "mass sighting" that lasts for extended period of time, years even) over the last decade. The Gulf Breeze flap is less than 50 miles away from Brownesville! Only an idiot would fluff this off to mere chance. The Gulf Breeze flap started in 1987. it petered out somewhat by 1990, but there was a "massive" restart in 1993. This flap still goes on (there are regular sightings, with video documentation regularly updated on the Net), and so does the Brownesville "outpouring". I'm telling you, there is something definitely afoot here as the scripture say's:

"Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all
and with all
of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received
that they
that they should believe a
L  I  E.
That they
might be damned who believed

(2 Thessalonians 2-9-12)

      As I've shown, UFO's and their "alien occupants" are "demonic". I believe they will be part of "the" end-time deception, and IS already NOW. The answers the Church gives to the world on the areas of "evolution", "UFO's" and "aliens", and basically "what it is to be Christian", is ABSURD and an EMBARRASSMENT!. There is an enormous amount of Christians in North America who do not attend a church nor will they, because they KNOW something is WRONG!. They once attended, but left out of deep discouragement, and a "broken heart". After a while, they realized that what they were reading in the bible, and what they were seeing and hearing in the Church, were DIAMETRIC OPPOSITES! These people probably, with the WILL of the Holy Spirit, attempted to correct what was wrong IN TRUTH AND LOVE, only to find out what was REALLY wrong. They have not been back since. Their TRUST was totally shaken in anything that has to do with the visible Church. My heart goes out to them, and I pray to God that he gives them the strength to overcome. I think I've talked enough on this area, I will be doing other articles on this very area later on.


        There are generally three different kinds of "extraterrestrials" that have been witnessed too over the past 55 years. The most commonly reported of these are what are referred to as "greys". "Reptilians" are reported far less. The obvious correlation I'd like to make here, is to what we've looked at earlier. "Serpents" are a name given to Satan and his host. We've seen that the "fiery flying serpents", are in fact "Seraphim" (fallen "seraphim"). Could they possibly be what are known as "reptilians" ? And than there is the "humanoid", which is reported the least. "Humanoids" are reported to be the "offspring" of human and alien, via "sexual" or "surgical" manipulation, having a prolonged lifespan. Grey's have been noted for there one physical trait most of all, their "eyes". They are also noted in the lore, to be of "great age". All persons who claim to have a personal encounter with them, report that these "grey's" are very "ancient' and "super-advanced" EVOLUTIONALLYcompared to a human. They are reported to have "non-functional" mouths, ears, noses, and from reported "autopsies" done on these beings, they have no functional "digestive system". They do not NEED to eat FOOD. They communicate via TELEPATHY(this is how the bible states DEMONS communicate), and are reported to be either "male" or "female" (I refer you to what are known as "incubus" and "succubus" in mythological demonology). But these things are NOT WISPS OF AIR, they may be the "Kosmokrateros of the Air", but they are NOT AIR. THEY ARE REAL BEINGS WITH POWER!.They have the ability of "inter-dimensionality". I believe this "ability" of theirs, allows them to "traverse" vast distances across the universe, to other "places" and "times" if they so choose, but that is part of the DECEPTION!. They do not live on another planet, or in another galaxy as many people believe, they are SPIRITS. They are popping in and out from "out-side" time and space at their leisure, from other DIMENSIONS! (my Father's house has many MANSIONS!). You must remember, we are dealing with FALLEN ANGELIC BEINGS HERE! They WILL be proven to be also REAL TANGIBLE CREATURES! Now, I believe the bible talks enough on these things, for me to not have to get into an in depth analysis on "aliens". I think YOU should do your homework and be obedient (WATCH THEREFORE!..Luke 21:36), and find these things out for yourself. But I will give you what I "think" is happening here, though this is nothing more than mere speculation based upon all the facts I've taken a close look at:




        If you study Genetics, you'll know that "cross-breeding" in the animal kingdom, UNLIKE humans, is possible between different "breeds" of the same "kind". If you keep cross-breeding a "line", that lines physical "characteristics" becomes "dissolved", taking on the characteristics of  the guest "breed" over time. What I'm saying is, if all the nephillim weren't stamped out after the flood, than that genetic line would eventually take on the physical characteristics of a "human" over many generations. As crazy as that sounds, that is the case. After many generations, that SUPERNATURAL BEING, would look totally HUMAN. The nephillim as recorded in the bible, were described as looking anything BUT HUMAN!. I believe that there is the distinct possibility, that the "aliens" we observe and hear about now, are nephillim that "fled" before the "event", and possibly before and after the flood (if were dealing with purely "physical" entities, trapped in a mortal coil). Don't think this too waco, an "angelic being" or an "offspring" of one would have SUPER-INTELLIGENCE and POWERS, to say, build the GREAT PYRAMID, or construct the "lines at Nazca" (as a matter of fact, a giant 300 ft. tall according to Hebrew legend COULD build these), or lets say, build the MONUMENTS ON MARS and what is also reported to be on the MOON! (I have seen photographs that would shake your head). And also cause God to DESTROY the earth TWICE to boot! (the next time by FIRE). Just possibly, a 300 ft. tall giant from 5000 years ago could be a 4ft. tall "grey" today if subject to prolonged periods of "hyper-space" travel ( time and the effects of the "gravitational force" changes, could cause major "genetic alterations" over a prolonged period of time). Satan is the "prince of the POWER of the air". He has "power" OVER the air. He is NOT air!. The subtle inference of this is the "mastery" of "access throughout the universe". He is also a FALLEN ANGEL!. Well, its plain that there's more to what meets the eye in scripture on these modern day anomalies. It is pure IGNORANCE, to sit back and wipe all this off as "bunk". There is a "picture" being "exposed" reflecting what the Apostle Paul once said....we see through a glass DARKLY now, but then, FACE TO FACE.

"Is there any thing whereof it may be said,
See, this is NEW? it hath been
which was before us".

(Ecclesiastes 1:10)

       In continuing with our study of this modern day biblical enigma, certain prophetical connections become increasingly clearer as we look at the whole of the end time satanic agenda including America/Babylon, the Antichrist, Lucifer, THEM etc. etc. Bible prophecy just will not fit as a whole, unless the whole of bible prophecy is worked out piece by piece. As you search out all the pieces that comprises the end-time scenario, the "big picture" becomes more clear and detailed. in order to unravel the "alien/nephillim" enigma in the bible, we must look at every facet that surrounds the culmination of the 6000yr. dispensation of man on this earth. Let us look at the 'person' and characteristics of the Antichrist, and the mysterious figure known as "Lucifer".


        The bible seems to give quite a different interpretation of the personality known as Satan , and his "other" PERSONAL name, Lucifer. The whole of end-time bible prophecy culminates in the introduction of the person and political system directly from hell itself.  The church has always interpreted the two names to belonging to the "enemy" as belonging to the same "person" and "entity". The "truth" of the matter is, nothing could be farther from the truth according to scripture. The bible seems to indicate, and Isaiah is quite emphatic, that these two names belong to two different "incarnations" of the same person, quite the same fashion as Jesus and the Father, but satanic, fallen.

"That thou should take up this proverb against the

and say, how hath the oppressor ceased!,
the golden city ceased!

(Isaiah 14:4)

"How art thou fallen from heaven,
son of the morning! how art thou cast down to the ground,
which did'st weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of  God: I will sit also upon
the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend
above the clouds; I will be like the most high. yet thou shalt be
brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. They that see thee shall
narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, is this the
M    A    N
that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms".

(Isaiah 14:12-16)

"Yet thou shalt be brought down to HELL, to the sides of the PIT. They that see thee
shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, is this the
M    A    N
that made the earth to trmble, that did shake the kingdoms...".

(Isaiah 14:16)

       Chapter 14 of Isaiah identifies who the king of babylon is, Lucifer, and the Antichrist. They are all the same person. Mmm...Lucifer, son of the morning!A MAN!!!. I wasn't kidding around earlier when I stated that the Antichrist will be a NEPHILLIM (see vs.8), and his biblical name is LUCIFER, KING OF BABYLON, THE BEAST, THE ANTICHRIST (see vs.4). When one puts all the pieces together, one begins to see that much of what is called the 'great NWO conspiracy' and its TRUE SECRET, was foretold in the bible by the prophets of old. The "alien agenda" behind the Illuminati's NWO conspiracy, is clearly outlined in scripture. The use of the word "man" here is NOT by accident, nor is it lightly referring a symbolic reference to Satan. It is this authors belief, that Satan will do what his counterparts, the "b'nai-ha-elohim" did in Genesis 6. He will "come down" (be "cast down"), and take a "woman" , thus incarnating himself as a  a MAN, A "NEPHILLIM!!!. As outlandish as this interpretation seems, it is also confirmed by the works of Satan and his followers writings. Occult dogma and doctrine would seem to confirm this interpretation from scripture. This is why the demons in hell mock him when he is finally cast into the pit and say to him "art thou also become WEAK as us?" in vs.10., as by "projecting" himself in this fashion in the "natural", he loses most of his abilities and power by confining himself in "flesh", then ultimately like unto the "demons". His release at the end of the millennium will be "havoc", but not on the same scale, for he will not be able to do as he once did. To emphasize what I've just said, lets take a look at the verse that alludes to this being the case.

The whole of the earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break
forth into singing: yea, the fir trees rejoice at thee, and the
cedars of Lebanon, saying, Since thou art laid down, no
F  E  L  L  E  R
is come up against us".

(Isaiah 14:7-8)


Strong's 3772 - karath, kaw-rath; a prim. root; to cut (off, down or asunder); by impl. to destroy or consume; spec. to covenant (i.e. make an alliance or bargain, orig. by cutting flesh and passing between the pieces):- be chewed, be con-federate, covenant, cut (down, off), destroy, fail,feller, be freed, hew (down), make a league[covenant], lose, perish, utterly, want.
Strong's 5303 - nephiyl, nef-eel; prop. a feller, i.e. a bully or tyrant;- a giant

          This is the only place in scripture where this word and translation is used. This is most certainly talking about the "Antichrist". The very translation bares the marks of his agenda of the last-days, and quite detailed if I may add. Though this is the only place in scripture this word (feller) is used as such, it is not the only 'way' its being used. One of the words used to translate "giants" or "nephillim" in scripture is "FELLER"!!!. It is most definitely antiquated with the offspring of "FALLEN ANGELS"!!!. I do not think this is just a coincidence, but is a definite 'spiritual marker' in the text. A connector that only makes sense when all the other pieces have been put together. Rev.12 confirms Isa.14, and is not no symbolic analogy to a 'puff of smoke'. History and archeology proves that the ancient cultures that existed even unto prior to the flood, worshipped "MEN" who were offspring of the "gods" who came from the 'stars' to earth. The Gen.6 account seems to be confirmed by all ancient cultures and civilizations. The 'gods' of the Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans etc., all worshipped "dietys" who were the "offspring" of the GODS!!!. Secret masonic dogma holds the belief that the 'king' of the gods....LUCIFER, THE LIGHT BEARER, will come to take his rightful throne when his time has come....the epoch of light, the age of aquarius!!!!. His 'secret doctrine' has been kept alive and safe through the centuries via the SECRET SOCIETIES that go back to the time of Nimrod. Now, I've shown in parts 1&2, that the "invasion from the end of heaven" by fallen watchers, concurs with events which take place during the tribulation, especially the battle of Armageddon, which is NOT the taking of America/Babylon. But, lets take a look now at something here that's easily overlooked if your not paying attention.


        Modern day theology has no where or understanding of how these types of verses fit into biblical prophecy, and they are but cast aside and 'symbolised' as being 'analogious' to the main biblical content: there are subtle connecters that are part of the unfolding last days nightmare involving the 'nephillim', fallen angels of old, and the modern counterpart, UFO's, Aliens, and "UNDERGROUND BASES":

"Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy salvation,
and hast not been mindful of the rock of thy strength,
therefore thou shalt plant
pleasant plants (Ezek.17:5),
and shalt set it with


(Isaiah 17:10)

        The covert "black-ops" programs of the U.S. government include secret bases such as "Groom Lake/Dreamland", other wards known as AREA 51, as well as numerous "underground bases" strategically placed around the United States. These "black-ops" programs include ALIEN/HUMAN GENETIC RESEARCH, UFO DESIGN AND TESTING, ANTI-GRAVITATINAL PROPULSION RESEARCH, and a host of other horrors, not to mention other dark research such as HAARP technology, and now the newest controversy, chemtrails. The fact of the matter is, the general consensus amongst respected researchers have concluded that the U.S. is in league with "extraterestials", and has been since the late 1950's. I believe this verse of Isaiah is directly referring to these "secret bases", and in fact, you can say of the phrase "strange slips", is alluding to ALIEN SNARES!!!. there are quite a few of these facilities spread out across N.Amarica. Here is a small list of some of the more prominant and well know:

1) Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada (home of "Dreamland," a.k.a., "Area 51, "Groom Lake" and "S-4" complex)

2) Dulce, New Mexico  [THE LOCATION OF THE BASE IS 2 1/2 MILES NORTH-WEST OF DULCE AND ALMOST OVERLOOKS THE TOWN. IT IS UP ON THE MESA. Perhaps now the largest facility accomodating the aliens.]

3) Los Alamos, New Mexico (home of the Nuclear Research Laboratories)

4) Division Peak near Black Rock, Desert. Nevada [alleged center for spiritual disinformation for the California area.]

5) Ruby Mountains between Sherman Mt. and Jiggs, Nevada [alleged mind control programs]

6) Base under water between Jacksonville and Palatka, Florida  in the ocean. [mind control]

7) Gore Range near lake, west from Denver, Colorado  [Library & Data center for Earth Population, gathering data on all humans on Earth.]

8) Warden Valley West from Fort Collins, Colorado  [ Executes special mind control programs on humans posing a threat and or applies disease affects against humans who pose a threat.]

9)Lake of the Cherokees in Oklahoma.  [Serves as a blood bank center; preparing ET's  food supply. Genetic experiments with children, sex. Using young women as incubators. Also doing animal tests.]

10) BetweenDanway and Delaware, Oklahoma.  [Medical experimentation, research; Bodies kept in coma-state for transplants. Location for implants including  implants for mind control ]

11) The Dalles,Mt Hood, Oregon.  [Observation base for human army troop movements on the planet. Also to infiltrate and stir up conflicts among nations.]

12) Barron, between Mt. Logan and Jack Mountain, Washington.[ Study Center for  how the satanic forces should/could control Earth. Training leaders to take over  national gov'ts -- operated primarily by the "grays" who are robots or androids.]

13) Colville, Calispel Peak, Washington.[War training center, to train beings to make war, die and come back to life again. Beings are trained to duplicate a specific human person. These are used as "revolutionaries" and maintain telepathic contact with base]

14) Fort Wayne, Indiana,  (in the Churubusco area).  [A base for missions involving exposure in order to measure public opinions and public reactions.]

15) Terre Haute, area Rockville - Greencastle, along Interstate 70 in eastern Indiana. [Agriculture research center in heart of farm country, lots of abandoned coal mines and caves in this area.]

16) Las Vegas area. Baldy Pk. - Cowles, New Mexico.  [Mind control programs.]

17) Gallinas Mt., New Mexico.  [Mind Control Implementation Center.]

18) Grants area - Paguate - Mt. Taylor, New Mexico. [Military transport staging area to receive military forces from orbiting "mother ships" prior to launching any military attacks anywhere in the world.]

19) Tajique- Laguna del Perro area, New Mexico.  [Center for cross-breeding hybrid human-alien offspring.]

20) New Market "Cumberland Plateau", Alabama.  [Animal and human experiments including collecting lots of children here.]

21) L M Smith Reservoir, Alabama.[Training center for aliens to learn to adapt and Assimilate with physical bodies into human societies.]

22) Falkville, Alabama. [Environmental Research/Test Center, esp for water but also for air quality testing.]

23) Mt. Pleasant, area New Landon - Wapello, Iowa.  [Medical Research on human disease resistance for implementation of bio-warfare weapons.]

24) Mt. Everet, Massachusetts.  [Governmental advisory base for briefing heads of state]

25) Bismark - Aberdeen - Napoleon, North Dakota.  [Main Command & Control Center]

26) Lake Michigan, Near Big Sable pt. Under water base.  [Weapons storage]

27) Livingstone area, Montana.  [Repair and overhaul base.]

28) Piney Buttes, Montana.  [Genetic experiments facility.]

29) Noamy Pk.., Logan City near Garden City, Utah.   [Genetic test facility.]

30) Baldy Pk, Arizona.  [Political manipulation center for all of N. America.]

31) Kendrick Pk., Area Flagstaff - Red Lake, Arizona.  [Mass Mind Control facilities, to control entire city populations.]

32) Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  [Communications base and guard base for the weapons facility underneath Lake Michigan. Also Weather Control Base as well as weapons testing and P-R facility to show off weapons to human leaders.]

33) Center City - Area Turtle Lake, Wisconsin.  [Communications base for all other bases on planet. 

34)North Platte - Seneca and Ringgold, Nebraska.  [another Data monitoring center]

35) Where Virginia and Kentucky meet, huge underground complex city …Evarts Harlan - Cumberland nets; East Point - Dewey Reservoir; Sandy Hook - West Liberty; Denton (entrance).

36) Adirondack Mountains - Long Lake area. Piseco, New York.  [2 bases, one military the other is population control for Northeast along with Air Traffic Control Center.]

37) Livingstone, Montana.  [Home of the Alien Commander of Planetary forces ]

38) Montauk Air Force Base, Long Island, New York  [near the town of Babylon, Long Island. It is a supposedly an abandoned Air Radar facility, alien's operational purpose is unknown.]

39)Brookhaven National Laboratories, Long Island, New York. [joint testing facility]

        Insiders say that these bases penetrate deep underground and are inter-connected throughout the United States and Canada. There is piles of documented evidence for these bases and the goings on that take place there, it is in fact no mystery at all. The Lord does in fact seem to allude to these secret bases, and in fact ties them to the fallen watchers if your paying attention to the text:

"And the sucking child shall play on the HOLE of the
A   S   P,
and the weaned child shall put his hand on the


(Isaiah 11:8)

"And the
and the great men, and the RICH MEN, and the
chief captains, and the mighty men, and every
bondman, and every free man,
in the

D    E    N    S
and in the ROCKS of mountains".

(Revelation 6:15)

        These 'underground bases' are part of an underground infrastructure that encompasses the continent says the insiders, and are able to house "millions" if there was a 'terrestrial' or 'EXTRA-terrestrial' threat. according to the sources, top secret 'alien' technology, both"BIO-GENETIC" and technological alien research is said to go on at these 'black-ops' bases. It is interesting to note, that these bases have high tech security and laws to imprison folks indefinately if they go snooping around. When you enter this into the meaning of Isa.11:8, it becomes much more understandable. It has been rumored from the 'inside', that the U.S. has realized that they have made a HUGE mistake, and are in fact "in big trouble". Its no wonder, for the Lord has said it before it happened. The Lord also tells what he is going to do to these "rich men" that have hidden themselves in the "dens" in the mountains and the rocks in the end:

"They shall lick the dust like the
S  E  R  P  E  N  T,
they shall move out of their

H    O    L    E    S
like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid
of the Lord our God, and shall fear because of thee".

(Micah 7:17)

         This verse in Micah is very strange, for it does not seem to fit the verses around it. The passage is dealing with the last-days....these days, and as shown above, the 'rich men' of the earth in accord with the "Illuminati", have made themselves DENS....."cockatrice dens", where they do their abominable deeds. Micah states that they shall "lick the dust" like their FATHER....Satan, and they shall "move out of their holes" or "dens". Even the inference of "worms of the earth" is very interesting, because the U.S. tunnel boring machines that have made this intricate underground complex of 'cockatrice dens', are called WORMS. They are part of the "Rand Project", and I don't have to tell you the connection of that word "Rand" and another project of the Illuminati called ALTERNATIVE 3, and the corporation by the name of RAND!!!. These "worms" were designed to work after the way the "earth worm" is able to tunnel, and remove the earth. I don't know about you, but these kinds of verses are extermely 'detailed' in the way they describe these "enigmas", and it sort of gives you the shivers when you think about it knowing that there is a very real God, who has placed in your hand a very "supernatural" book that tells the 'begining' from the 'ending'. The bible is even more detailed as to what goes on at these "dens" or "bases".


        The Lord would in fact allude ever so subtilly to a very frightening revelation that has become more prominant these last-days. The "rumour" of thousands of men, women, and children held in these "underground bases", being used for "genetic research" and "hybrid experimentation", may in fact be refered to in the scripture. As shown in Isa.11:8 above, there is the strange termCOCKATRICE connected with these "underground bases". What is a "cockatrice" according to scripture, and how is it related to the "dens" in the bible:

"For, behold, I will send
C O C K A T R I C E S,

among you, which will not be charmed, and they shall
B I T E  Y O U,
saith the Lord."

(Jeremiah 8:17)


Strong's 6848 tsepha, tseh-fah, from an unused root mean. to extrude;a viper (as thrusting out the tongue, i.e. hissing):- adder, cockatrice.

       This term "cockatrices" is used in the O.T. four times and is like a 'code' word. This verse in Jeremiah is very strange to say the least, for the use of 'cockatrice' is also used in Isa.14:29, and as I've shown earlier, it is most definately alludes to 'fallen angels' and or 'nephillim'. If the U.S. has made a secret deal with 'fallen angels', then this verse testifies to the mistake they have made. These 'aliens' will not be "charmed", meaning they won't be "STOPPED". What they intend to do, they shall do, and what it says here, is they intend to "BITE" saith the Lord. This is a subtle allusion to what happened to the israelites in the 'wilderness' during the Exodus to the promised land, when the were bitten by "serpents". Another anomaly that has become prevelant and more and more heard about today, is the frequent sightings in South America of the CHUPACABRA or "goat sucker". Acarniverous "dog, reptile, dinosaur" that stealthily "vampirizes" livestock in the night, and is able to scale vertical walls 30 ft. high "without touching it", and is also known as well to "shapeshift"....and disapear and appear at will. This phenomena has been more prevelent in the last year, as authorities in Venezuela have claimed they have "captured" a CHUPA. Area residents claimed that the U.S. government quickily came in and confiscated the evidence immiediately upon capture. They also claimed that the local police shot and killed "a couple". Could this be a U.S./Alien "black-ops" operation of a sinister kind?. It is very eerie to say the least!!!. Notice the translation for these things in scripture. The term 'to extrude" is very enlightening as to the way perhaps these demonic beings come into our dimension. They need to 'extrude themselves' into this dimension from their "first habitation" in the heavenlies and take on "flesh". These kinds of scripture verses have no place in modern day theology. They are worded away, for they have no meaning in modern prophecy interpretation. This verse fits totally with what is coming out from insiders of the peril the U.S. government is in with their relationship with the...."aliens"!. The implication of the "reptillian" is alluded to with this use of 'cockatrices'. god would be even more literal as to what goes on here:

and weave the SPIDERS WEB: he that
dieth, and that which is CRUSHED
breaketh out into a
V  I  P  E  R".

(Isaiah 59:5)

      This is a very interesting and alluding verse of scripture. It says that they "hatch" cockatrice "eggs". Now 'eggs' are hatched, so what is this saying? Well, the definate ideaology is the inference of "conception"....they create and make "cockatrice" eggs to continue a "birthing" cycle. God says that they 'weave' a "spiders web", a web that will become a "snare" unto them in the end. Those who "eat" of the EGGS die!!!. Could this be a warning to those diabolical persons perpetuating this maccabre plot? Whats even more interesting is that "that which is crushed" breaks out in a VIPER!!!. In Gen.3:15, the address of war between the 'serpents seed" and the 'seed of men', came with the admonition that the 'seed of man' would CRUSH the "serpents head"!!!. This verse says that what is "crushed" will break out into a "viper"....a "serpent"....a DEMONIC BEING!!!. this is but another verse of scripture that does not seem to fit in the corresponding passage, yet all these seemingly out of place verses, are in passages dealing with the last-days and the Tribulation. Is God letting us know of these "enigmas" that we hear about, and telling you the rumours are true?. I believe thouroughly so, for the Lord told the 'begining' from the 'ending' by his Word, and 'ignorance of knowledge' is not in the will of God for his people.There are other verses in scripture that have very definite connections to Gen.6, Babylon/America, aliens and 'fallen angels', and their most definite role they will play in these last days.


     One of the modern day enigmas we see and here about more and more prevelently in the news, are the reports of very large "hairy" creatures known as "Bigfoot" and "sasquatch" in the dense, wooded, un-populated areas of N.America, and "Yeti" in some areas of the Himalayas of Tibet, and known by other names around the world.

"The WILD BEASTS of the DESERT shall also meet with
the WILD BEASTS of the ISLAND, and the
S  A  T  Y  R

shall cry to his FELLOW; the
S C R E E C H  O W L

also shall rest there, and find for
a place of rest

(Isaiah 34:14)


Strong's 8163/75 - saiyr, saw-eer; shaggy, a he goat; by anal. a faun;-devil,goat, hairy, kid, rough, something  fearful:- horrible thing:- satyr
Strong's 3917/18/15 - liyliyth, lee-leeth; a night spectre, a twist (away of the light), i.e. night; fig. adversity:- screech owl

       This writer believes the enigma known as 'Bigfoot', 'Sasquatch', 'Yeti' etc., are a "very real" phenomena, and are directly tied to the alien/fallen angel mystery. SATYRI believe is a code word designating what we understand to be the modern day "Bigfoot". The term 'satyr' is used in a few references in scripture to describe this FALLEN BEING!. It should be noted, that there is ample evidence to suggest that these "things" for lack of a better word, are "spiritual manifestations" that leave tangible proof behind, aka. film, tracks, hair etc., which is conclusive to the UFO/Alien phenomena. Photographic evidence, even the most famous footage the"Patterson film", suggests that these 'things' are MULTI-DIMENSIONAL!!!. The Bigfoot has been captured on film "shapeshifting", and "appearing and disappearing" in and out of the footage. In the above pic even, what can be seen on the 'left side' of the Bigfoot's head is what appears to be that of a "baboon's" face!. And what is even more astounding, is there is in fact what appears to be the image of that of an "OWL" on the upper left torso where the arm meets!. Occult symbology is extremely prevelant in UFO, alien, "spiritual" manifestations and encounters.The 'satyr' of the O.T. is refered to as being "indiginous" to some areas after the flood, and were "aboriginal" to the first occupants who wondered into these lands in scripture, which is most strange to say the least. The legends of PAN, and what we already know of the "nephillim" start to take on a whole new meaning, and what has always been refered to as "myth" and "legend", begins to become biblical FACT!!!. The term "screech owl" is another veiled reference to a demonic entity that is entrenched in hebrew myth known as "LILITH", a "demon" of  'female' impersonation. This is the only place in scripture where 'lilith' is found, and is generally refering to the Tribulation, and Armageddon in this chap. of Isaiah. Its interesting to note here, that the translation for "owl" here carrys the allusion to 'turn away from the light' or 'twist away'. It also carries the meaning of Satan's office against the believer in Jesus Christ in "adversity" or ADVERSARY!!!. The demonic is definately implied with the term "night spectre". The main point that should be seen here, is this is the only place in the bible where you will find the 'angelic' refered to in the feminine which is not in harmony with the rest of biblical demonology. That is because the translation is descriptive of the way this demon or kind appears and interacts with humans. It is more condusive with another 'type' of demon called the "owb" or "familiar spirit". All beings in the 'fallen' realm have the benefit of their 'spiritual state" to do the one thing that is primary to their demonic nature....DECIEVE!.

"Then Uriel said, Here are the angels, who co-habited
with women, appointed their leaders; and being

made men to profane, and caused them to err; so that
they sacrificed to
as to
for in the great day there shall be judgement, with which
they shall be judged, who led the astray the angels of
heaven that they might salute them".

(Enoch chap. XIX. vs. 2)

        Now, this is a very strange wording for this verse from the book of Enoch. The fallen angels who came down were "numerous inAPPEARENCE". This is very suggestive of the many forms that UFO's 'appear' in and also other types of paranormal manifestations. The book of Enoch indicates that it was this very "fall" in Gen.6 that caused men to "err" or "error", and they sacrificed to 'devils' as to 'gods'. Now, this is a very strange statement itself, for it implys that the people of that time DIRECTLY AND KNOWINGLY sacrificed unto "DEVILS"!!!. There does'nt seem to be the implication of "deception" here as it would seem with much of the "idoltry" in the O.T. , and this is directly talking about pre-flood. Needless to say, things were very strange and quite frightening to say the least that anti-diluvian period of time in the days of Noe. The prophets later on would refer to the offspring of the fallen angel "infection" upon humanity.

"Yet destroyed I the AMORITE before them,
whose HEIGHT was like the

and he was strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed his
and his

(Amos 2:9)

        This verse is refering to the Amorite people who had a very strong "nephillim" majority in history. I want you to notice here that these Amorite 'nephillim's' HEIGHT is being refered to here, and what is being stated here may not be so out of wack here nor mere symbolism. The 'height' of these nephillim Amorites of the past were the height of "TREES", and this might just be a verifiable fact here. The above picture is a skull of a "giant" from exhibtion on "early hominids" in Peru. Notice the "foot long" ruler in the picture to determine scale!. The legends in hebrew myth of "giants" that were said to be some 300 ft. may not be so far fethched, for in a temple in Syria there just may be the trace of a 'nephillim' of monstrous proportions..."On these floor slabs are carved gigantic human footprints-each more than 3 feet long. Two footprints appear on the first slab and one left footprint on thesecond, as if some giant had paused at the entryway before striding into the building. In ancient conception the temple was the abode of the god, which is why these have been interpreted as the footprints of the resident god-or goddess, as we shall see.attributes the temple to the goddess Ishtar, ...While the footprints are those of a barefoot human, the deities in all the 'Ain Dara temple reliefs are wearing shoes with curled-up toes(see "Y-M-C-A!" distance between the two single footprints is about30 feet.A stride of 30 feet would belong to a person about 65 feet tall."....Now, I don't know about you, but whoever or whatever left there "footprints" in the doorway of this temple is of extraordinary dimensions, and the myths and legends of "GIANTS" become less and less unreal. Please note from this relief from 'Ain Dara, that the personages bare 'horns' and 'cloven hoof' aka. SATYR/PAN characteristics. Now maybe you will believe the "spys" who went in to spy out Canaan when they said that they were like GRASSHOPPERS!. Thus, we shall soon see Joel's, Jeremiah's, and John's.....LOCUSTS:


     Three prophets in the bible distinctly allude to a terrifying vision of a horde of demonic personages that come up out of the abyss during the Tribulation some 200,000,000 stong. There terrifying images are described in detail by the apostle John in John directly antiquates these demonic beings with the 'evil angels' or 'fiery flying serpents' that destroyed many of the Israelites in the wilderness during the Exodus:

"And there came out of the smoke

upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the
of the earth have power".

(Revelation 9:3)

"And they had a
which is the

of the
whose name in the hebrew tongue is
but in the Greek tongue hath his name

(vs. 11)


Strong's 3 - Abbadon, ab-ad-dohn; of Heb. orig.;destroying angel:- Abaddon
Strong's 623/22,575,3639 - Apolluon, ap-ol-loo-ohn; a destroyer(i.e. Satan), to destroy fully, to perish or lose, die, seperation, ruin, death, punishment:- Apolluon

        Abaddon or Apollyon was worshipped as "APOLLOS" by the Greeks, and the 'feminine' "APOLLONIA", pagan deity  of the Romans, godess of "lust" and "pleasure". The scripture clearly indicates here that it is none other than SATAN whose home is going to be the 'bottomless pit", and it is he who is King over the "locusts" or "fallen watchers"......ALIEN/NEPHILLIM!!!. It needs to be noted that the word "Abbadon" and its translation is the same for the hebrew "Abaddown" which means 'destruction', perish, 'hades", something 'lost', wretched, and the different variants in the hebrew denote it to pertaining to Satan. Satan does and will be "cast down" here upon the earth, and his minions with him are also cast down it seems, and those held in "Tartarus" to do battle against the Lord with the world. The very translation of these words Abaddon and Apollyon infer what happens to Satan ultimately......lose utterly!!!. Here is a 'parable" from the Book Of Enoch that tells of the Gen.6 account of the descent of the Fallen Watchers and what happened back then:

[1] Again I looked attentively, while sleeping, and surveyed heaven above. [2] And behold, a SINGLE STAR FELL FROM HEAVEN. [3] Which being raised up, and and fed among the cows. [4] After that I percieved other large and black cows; and behold all of them CHANGED THEIR STALLS AND PASTURES, while their young began to lament one with another. Again I looked in my vision, and surveyed heaven; when behold I saw MANY STARS WHICH DESCENDED, AND PROJECTED THEMSELVESfrom heaven to where the first star was, [5] Into the midst of those young ones; while the cows were with them, feeding in the midst of them. [6] I looked at and observed them; when behold, they all ACTED AFTER THE MANNER OF HORSES, and began to approach the young cows, all of whom became PREGNANT, and brought forth ELEPHANTS, CAMELS, AND ASSES. [7] At these all the cows were alarmed and terrefied; and they began BITINGwith their teeth, SWALLOWING, and striking with their horns. [8] They began also to DEVOUR the cows; and behold all the children of the earth trembled, shook with terror at them, and suddenly fled away.

(Enoch chap. LXXXV)

       This "first star" that descends is none other than Satan perhaps alluding to the "fall" and the Garden. The fact that the "other large and black cows" is worded as such, gives the connotation of "nephillim" in the word "large", and that they changed their "stalls and pastures" alludes to Jude 6. Their young, or "offspring", the GIANTS lamented one for another and is quoted earlier on in the book of Enoch as such. What is remarkable is the term PROJECTED THEMSELVES in the way the other stars decend to where Satan is. They approached the 'women' and made them PREGNANT quite litterally by the wording, and brought forth "different types" of offspring...camels, elephants, and asses. In the end they began to DEVOUR the inhabitants of the earth, and God had to bring in the flood. Its interesting to note, that these different 'offspring" strike each other with their "HORNS"!!!. I don't think this should be ignored in the wording. These different kinds of "nephillim" should not be ignored as i've shown earlier on in this dissertation, the nephillim are exegeted in scripture to be of different kinds and types. The translation for "satyr' is also used for a race of "nephillim" in scripture, and this is not to be overlooked.  Now, if we carry on here, we may find out a little about what happened next and when:

[1] Again I percieved them, when they began to strike and to swallow each other; and the earth cried out. Then I raised my eyes a second time towards heaven, and saw in a vision, that behold, there came forth from heaven as it were the likeness of white men. One came forth from thence, and three with him. [2] Those three, who came forth last, seized me by the hand; and raising me up from the generations of the earth, elevated me to a high station. [3] Then they showed me a LOFTY TOWER on the earth, while every hill became diminished. And they said, remain here, untill thou percievest what shall come upon those ELEPHANTS, CAMELS, AND ASSES, upon the STARS, and upon ALL THE COWS.

(chap. LXXXVI)

[1] Then I looked at that ONE of the four white men, who came forth first. [2] He seized the FIRST STAR which fell down from heaven. [3] And binding it hand and foot, he cast it into a valley, a valley narrow, deep, stupendous, and gloomy. [4] Then one of them drew his sword, and gave it to the elephants, camels, and asses, who began to strike each other. And the whole earth shook on account of them. [5] And when I looked in the vision, behold, one, of those four angels, who came forth, hurled from heaven, collected together, and took all of those stars, whose FORM partly resmbled those HORSES; and binding them hand and foot, cast them into the CAVITIES OF THE EARTH.

(chap. LXXXVII)

     Now, this "lofty tower" is none other than the TOWER OF BABEL in Nimrod's time. the four white men represent the "trinity" and MICHEAL the Archangel. he is the one who takes the 'first star"...Satan and casts him into hell, but wait, this is FUTURE!!!. The next part states that "one" of the four white causes the different "FORMS" of fallen angelic offspring to fight one another. They are finally rounded up and cast into the place that Peter refers to......"TARTARUS"!!!. But the thing we need to pay attention to here, is that the Book of Enoch places the "Tower Of Babel" BEFORE the flood here. Could this be possible? And just may very well be as the Story of Babel and its placement in time is not exactly clear in scripture. Its quite possible that Babel was around before the flood, for Nimrod could've most probaly been a "nephillim". Most of what we know about Nimrod and Babel is 'outside" of scripture, and does not answer for the placement in time. His wife Semiramus according to legend, gave birth to "Tammuz" after Nimrod's death, and "deified" herself. Needless to say , the child Tammuz was worshipped as "the son of a God", and thereby started the "satanic triad" through history. The secret societies of today, hold the identities of bloodlines that are said to be direct descendants of NIMROD and of the GODS!!!. This is the whle idea behind the "Preure De Sion" of Holy Blood & Holy Grail fame, and the "saang rael" or HOLY BLOODLINE!!!. This abominable belief and legend has been around for 4000 years, through the egyptians, assyrians, romans, greeks etc, on up through the "Merovingian' kings and up through the middle ages. the modern day "royal bloodlines" of Europe, hold that they are the ancestors of these merovingians, and on back to babylonia. Now, some would say that that was back then, and they were all taken care of by the flood. And, theres no way theres gonna be a "alien invasion" or "nephillims" or what have ya. Well, as I showed you earlier from isaiah 13, "nephillim" are coming to fulifill God's WRATH in the last days. There seems to be a peculiar connection between the aliens that are reported today, and the "giants" of old:

"And there was yet a battle in gath, where was a man of
that had on his hand

and on every foot SIX TOES, four and twenty in number;
and he was also BORN to the
N  E  P  H  I  L  L  I  M

(2 Samuel 21:20)

shall be like CLOUDS, which shall oppress, corrupt,
fall, contend, and
upon the earth. They shall cause lamentation. No food
shall they eat; and they shall be thirsty; they shall be
and shall not rise up against the sons of men, and against
women; for they come forth during the

and destruction".

(Enoch chap. XV.vs.9-10)

        It is quite interesting that the "nephillim" of old were signified by having "6 fingers and toes", and evidently, it just so happens that the aliens that are reported today also are said to have "6 fingers and toes"!. A tell-tale sign that we are dealing with one and the same thing? Perhaps very much so.This verse in Enoch is very interesting to note, because this is directly refering to the prophetical statement made by James taliking of this same "days of slaughter" which is another reference to the TRIBULATION. These left-over 'spirits of the giants' come forth DURING the days of slaughter. This is quite interesting and gives a lot of weight to the "nephillim invasion" of Isaiah 13 in the days of modern Babylon. until that time, they remain "CONCEALED"....could this be what we are seeing today with the UFO phenomena? are they remaining 'concealed" till they will come forth during the "days of slaughter"?. Its also interesting to note that the effect of these things are what was claimed in Gen.3:15, that the 'serpent" would BRUISE the seed of man. These kinds of verses give a lot of insight into what is to be expected pretty shortly. There are other tell tale signs of a 'concealment' and other mysteries pertaining to the UFO/Alien/Nephillim enigma of today. ABDUCTIONS and "cattle mutilations" along with what are known as "crop circles', all play a role in this modern day mystery:


     One of the more frightening mysteries we face today, is the "abduction" mystery, because of the "statistics". 3% of the U.S. population at large according to a poll done in 1998, have stated that they held the belief that they were "abducted" by extraterrestrial beings, and that most had undergone what they believed to be "experiments", and some "implanted" with foreign materials. This statistic is claiming that MILLIONS of people have this "belief, and this becomes a frightening prospect. When we consider the chances that this cannot be mass delusion or hysteria, that some of these folks MUST be telling the truth, all the "rumours" about a government/alien relationship becomes much more valid. CATTLE MUTILATIONS become even more prevelant in this mystery, as they serve a purpose for the 'return of the nephillim'. The most disturbing facet of the Alien Abduction mystery, is the reported "medical experiments" that have said to be the focus of the abduction agenda for the aliens. Reports of genetic experimentation, human/alien cloning and hybridization, female "insemination" etc., have a connection to the cattle mutilation phenomena. If by chance, much of this is being done in colusion with the U.S. 'secret' government, than something central of the cattle mutilation phenome becomes prevelent.....BLOOD!!!. The one facet about "cattle mutilations" and other livestock, is the fact that the animals in question have ALL THEIR BLOOD REMOVED. When you take into question that if the U.S. government is in fact part of this mystery, there could be a need for vast amounts of "blood" to be continue the 'abduction' scenario, and that cattle blood has been said to be able to be used as an artificial "plasma" for emergency situations. When you take into the consideration of the reported rumours of thousands of people being held in these underground bases, and being used for 'alien hybrid experimentation', the cattle muttilation enigma becomes much more feasible when trying to understand the mystery. Does the "christian" have to worry about being abducted? Many would say that a "christian" CANNOT be abducted against there will. Oh....really?

"Then the DEVIL
up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle
of the temple".

(Matthew 4:5)

"Again, the DEVIL
up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him
all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them".

(Matthew 4:8)


Strong's 142 - airo, ah-ee-ro; verb; to lift; by impl. to take up or away; fig. to raise, spec. to sail away, carry, lift up, remove

    When you consider the abduction reports 'worldwide', this does not become something to scoff and laugh about. If Jesus Christ could be "taken" by Satan, so can the christian, do not doubt it. And if you still think not, than you had better investigate the "Andreasson Affair", a book written about an abduction expierience by a spirit filled christian. The translation for the word "taketh" is where we get our word "aeroplane" or AIRPLANE, when you mix this with one of Satan's titles.."prince of the power of the AIR"...,we see that this 'picture' becomes smaller and smaller and the pieces start to come together in retrospect to the workings of Aliens/nephillim and there CRAFT!!!. Jesus Christ stated that things would resort back to the conditions of the anti-diluvian peoples, and the "visitors" and subsequentIMPREGNATIONof mankind..."as in the days of Noe, so shall it be"....A few years ago, a respected doctor in his field, well known and pubicized for his work, did a study on 500 "abductees". When he published his findings, he sent the scientific community into a commotion and made them sit up in there seats. he published most of his work on this study in a book called "Forward to Secret Life", and his name is John Mack.....

"The idea that men, women, and children can be taken AGAINST THEIR WILLS, from their homes, cars, and schoolyards sy strange humanoid beings, lifted onto spacecraft, and subjected to intrusive and threatening procedures is so terrifying and yet so shattering to our notions of what is possible in our universe, that the actuality of the phenomenon has been largely REJECTED OUT OF HAND or bizarrely DISTORTED IN MOST MEDIA ACCOUNTS. This is altogether undrstandable, given the disturbing nature of UFOabductions and our prevailing notions of reality. The fact remains, however, that for 30 years, and possibly longer, thousands of individuals who seem to be sincere and of sound mind and are seeking no personal benefit from their stories have been providing to those who will listen CONSISTENT REPORTS of presisely such events."
Forward To Secret Life, 1992
John Mack M.D.

        It must be noted here, that at a press conference revealing his findings from his study, he asked the press a most puzzling question after taking ridicule for his findings. He said..."If what these people are saying is not happening, O.K. then, what is?"...his statement verifies that those of his acedemic community were also stumped by his findings, and I am as well. How do we make sense of this dillemna? By believing what the bible has to say about it, thats how!. The bible has revealed these enigmas for us in these last days so that nothing comes upon the believer by "surprise". These dilemmas that we see today are not new, and have happened and been here before in history, for the bible bares record of that as well. the modern day "abduction" enigma becomes the most frightening of all, for it deals directly against the "will" of the victim, which makes for a puzzling problem. How is it that Satan is allowed access to an individual against his will?. Much of this answer lies in what the scripture in fact says about the "authority' of the enemy. Jesus Christ called him "prince of this world", and to few christians understand or "believe" this fact. This is a very serious problem, for "lack of proper respect" for the power or abilities of any foe in any battle, usually leads toDEFEAT!!!. Most of the extra-canonical books that are available today speak of the fallen angel/human race interaction including the "pseudo-pigrapha" and "apocrypha":

unwelcome to the inhabitants of the earth will
succeed to the THRONE; even the BIRDS will
fly away. The Dead sea shall cast up fish, and
at night a voice will be sound, unknown to the MANY
but heard by all. Chasms will open in many places
and spurt out flames incessantly.
WILD BEASTS will range far afield,

M O N S T E R S,
fresh springs will run with salt water, and everywhere
freinds will become enemies. Then understanding
will be HIDDEN, and reason withdrawn to her
secret chamber......".

(2 Esdras 5:6-9)

Bungoma woman gives birth to horned creature
By Robert Wanyonyi 

A caesarean operation carried out on a woman who has been “pregnant” for five years stunned doctors at Lugulu Mission Hospital in Bungoma District.

The foetus turned out to be a strange creature.

Mrs Florence Okoth who is now recuperating at home in a Kimilili town estate said doctors concealed the discovery and instead sent the creature for analysis at Kijabe Mission Hospital. She said she started having a strange swelling in her stomach in June 1997 which doctors and midwives diagnosed to be pregnancy. Okoth, 43, told hundreds of unbelieving friends and well-wishers that the object weighed 6 kg with a human head made of a cement-like substance and protruding horns.

“The chest looked like a bat complete with wings while the middle part represented a sheep skin. The lower section had clear features of a mature frog,” said the woman to the amazement of all.

She said the creature had hundreds of root-like tails that had entangled themselves around her large intestines which doctors said were used for sucking blood. “Since 1997, I could not feel satisfied even after eating a heavy meal,” said Okoth.

Her husband, Mr Francis Okoth who hails from Ugunja in Siaya District, is a bicycle repairer in Kimilili town. He said they spent over Sh62,000 visiting various hospitals in the country in order to cure his wife, a mother of one daughter.

A senior doctor at Lugulu hospital who was part of a team that operated on Okoth confirmed that the strange creature was removed from the woman’s body, killed and taken to Kijabe for further analysis.

He said the patient was suffering from uterine fibroids. The family has appealed to well-wishers to enable them offset a hospital bill of Sh70, 556 they had incurred at the time of her discharge recently. “We used a friend’s land title deed to secure her release. We don’t even have money to buy her drugs,” said the husband. They said they were encouraged to come forward after the East African Standard highlighted Margaret Apoya’s problem, a woman with unnaturally large breasts who is to be operated on at the Moi Referral and Teaching Hospital in Eldoret.

The East African Standard, May 7/2001

    Now, this is a passage of 2nd Esdras dealing with the "signs" of the end spoken by an angel to Ezra. The "king" spoken of here is the "ANTICHRIST" as this king is unwelcome "TO" the inhabitants of the earth,  not "BY" them. This is very important as it implies that he 'is" unwelcome to them in a "sinister" way. The "birds of the heavens fly away" as illustrated in Jer. once again, and the earth undergoes tumultuous changes as Christs second coming draws near with volcanic and surface changes evident by these verses in the Apocrypha. What is very allusive of Christs second coming and possible "rapture", and also the casting down of Satan of Isa. and Rev. to the earth in the "personage" of the ANTCHRIST, KING OF BABYLON, "LUCIFER" IN THE FLESH, is a "voice" heard at "night" but not heard by the MANY!.(Isa.17:4, Isa.21:11-12, Zech.14:6-7, Psa.90:5-6,). Please note that this is also very close to the illuminati"PROJECT BLUEBEAM"plan if you've done your research, and the enemy knows more of the bible than you KNOW!!!. Christ's second coming is alluded to in the reference to the signs of turmoil and the "as the days of Noe were", for according to second Esdras MONSTERS ARE ONCE AGAIN BORN TO WOMEN...NEPHILLIM!!!. It should also be noted in this passage that in these days "understanding" will be hidden. When you put this together with the modern day UFO abduction enigma, reports of "impregnation" of abductees, genetic alien/human experimentaion in places like Area 51, and you add it all up, GODS WORD IS NOT "LIEING"!!!.In the end before Babylon's fall, the Lord states that Babylon has become a 'cage' of every un-clean thing:

"And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying,
and is become the
and the HOLD of every FOUL SPIRIT, and a CAGE
of every unclean and


(Revelation 18:2)

        In Revelation, America/Babylon is said to become a "habitation of devils". Is this talking subtily about the secret black-ops underground bases such as AREA 51, and DULCE N.M, and the the reported 'alien engineering and testing' that takes place their? the reference to 'hateful bird' is ever so alluding to those "birds of the heavens" in Jer. 4:23-27. America/Babylon becomes a "hold" and a "cage" to 3 kinds of demonic according to this verse, establishing even more the said "Kosmokrateros" that Paul was refering to in the N.T. Interaction with 'aliens" since 1947 and possibly earlier as reported, leads to a "Noahs days" syndrome which causes God to utterly destroy America/Babylon. What should not be overlooked here, is that God calls babylon a CAGE.....a "cage" is something you "hold" something in. God is stating this because America will be a 'cage' to these demonic beings, for God will not let them escape, and will detroy them right in their "dens". The above photo I believe to be one of the best UFO pics I've seen. There is NO WAY that this was "faked" or doctored, or digitized. it shows what appears to be a UFO creating a "cloud" around itself in a pretty "cloudless" sky. A great deal of the documented UFO photographs that have circulated are "authentic", mixed in with the multitude of counterfeits. This is all part of the Illuminati's 'disclosure' process to bring revelation about from the ground or public "up".


        The modern day UFO conspiracy is fraught with many 'secrets' from within many sources. The historical records of antiquity, the biblical record, the secret societies etc., all have a connection of some type or another to the modern day UFO enigma. The freemasonic record, the writings and documents of those connected with the secret "fraternity" back to antiquity, hold a special significance to a certain area of the night sky. In masonic writings, the constellation ORION is very important and sacred, just as it was for the ancient Egyptians for their Lord of the DEAD is said to reside there (Osiris, Lucifer). Even of more importance to freemasons is the star SIRIUS, which holds a certain "secret" amongst the high level Lucifereans.The star Sirius is involved in the rites and rituals of freemasonry for it is represented in the symbol of the "blazing star", which is the SUN GOD or Lucifer...."The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. SIRIUS glitters in our lodges as the BLAZING STAR"....( Albert Pike 33° Morals and Dogma, page 486). For a little insight into the "Sirius Mystery" and the part freemasonry plays in it, read Robert Temple's book.[go here]. The connection of the "sons of God" to the stars is found in the scriptures, and in texts outside. The bible may allude specifically to the star Sirius in one of its passages. The book of Enoch relates that in the days of the "descent", the days of Jared and Genesis 6, the WATCHERS"landed" or descended upon Mt. Hermon or "Armon" according to the aramaic. This is in harmony ever so "covertly" in the biblical text.

"In those days, when the children of man had multiplied, it happened that there were born
unto them handsome and beautiful daughters. And the
saw them and desired them; and they said to one another, Come, let us choose wives for
ourselves from among the daughters of man and
And Semyaz, being their leader, said unto them, and I alone will become responsible for this
great sin. But all responded to him, "let us all swear an oath and bind everyone among us by a
not to abandon this suggestion but to do the deed". Then they all swore together and bound
one another by the curse. And they were altogether two hundred, and they
into ARDOS, which is the summit of
H  E  R  M  O  N.
And they called the mount
for they swore and bound one another by a curse.

(1 Enoch 6:1-6)

"So the Lord our God delivered into our hands
also, the king of Bashan, and all his people: and we smote him until none was left to him remaining....
And we took at that time out of the hand of the two kings of the AMORITES the land that was on
this side of Jordan, from the river of ARNON unto
(which HERMON the SIDONIANS call

S  I  R  I  O  N;
and the AMORITES call SHENIR;)..."

(Deuteronomy 3:3-9)

"The voice of the Lord breaketh the CEDARS (Amorites, nephillim Amo 2:9); yea, the Lord
breaketh the cedars of Lebanon. He maketh them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and
S  I  R  I  O  N
like a young

(Psalms 29:5-6)

     Now Deut. 3:9 gives some very curious "clues" and word connectors here to the star SIRIUS. King Og was a "nephillim", a "giant", offspring of the sons of God. The "Amorites" were a second generation nephillim tribe. It seems via biblical eytmology that first generation nephillim races has the "IM" in their names, and second generation relative tribes have the peculiar "ITE" or "ITES" in the plural. The book of Enoch says that 200 "watchers" led by SEMYESA(Samyasa in other translations of Enoch), decended upon Mt. Hermon or which "they" called Armon. The "sidonnians" were a race of people of that area of the time, and I cant help but see a curious allusion to "CYDONIA" of Mars (cydonnians?). After all, the fallen angels inhabited Mars and the relics were finding is just that evidence. They called this Mt. Armon......."SIRION".....and thats too 'curious' for comfort in correlation to the name of the star "Sirius". The bible states that in pre-adamic time Satan and the "BIRDS" had inhabited the STONES OF FIRE or the "planetary system" we live in now, and God SCATTERED THEMfrom the "midst" of the stones of fire or planets (Jeremiah 4:25). Could they have gone to the star system of Sirius and set up camp there?. When 200 of them decided to come and take daughters of men to "beget" children, did they come from Sirius and the constellation of Orion?. When they descended on Mt. Armon and began to "co-habit" with the daughters of men, did they relate to the inhabitants of the land where they came from and it was recorded in their lore to be placed in the bible? Could it be possible that the inhabitants of the land bare record of this in their "names" and the names of some biblical locations?. It could may very well be!. It could be that Mt.Hermon or "Armon" is really called......MT.SIRIUS, called after where the fallen angels came from. The 200 fallen watchers called the mount "Armon", and Deut. 3 says that where Mt.Hermon is, there is a river called "ARNON", and that connection is very curious. The second generation nephillim tribe of the Amorites called the mount SHENIR which is very closely paralled to SHINAR in the bible. Until this century, astronomers did not know what a aboriginal tribe in Africa called the "dogone" knew. The dogone tribe have recorded in their legends the descent of "star people" who came from the sky many millenea ago. They left with the dogone people, the location of where they came from, and who they are. They also told the dogone that one day they would come back. The dogone drew a map for white scientists when they came upon this enigmatic tribe in the bushes of Africa this century. The dogone tell a story of a star that orbits around Sirius once every 50 years. Astronomers did not detect this body orbiting around Sirius until this century. In fact, it is impossible to see or detect this "Sirius B" unless you have extremely high powered teloscopic capabilities. So how did the dogone know about this Sirius B? Maybe the star people (fallen angels) and the dogone are telling the truth...huh!. The correlation between Cydonia on Mars, the Giza plateau and the great pyramid complex, and the constellation Orion and the star Sirius is found throughout all the ancient essoteric texts and legends. The great pyramid complex in Egypt would seem to be alighned with Orion and Sirius in a most peculiar way so as to not go un-noticed. The constellation orion in egyptian mythology represents OSIRIS, "Lord of the Dead" (Satan, Lucifer). Osiris was the premiere god the ancient egyptians worshipped and he is said to abode in the constellation Orion.


        As looked at earlier, the bible alludes to an "invasion" by nephillim/fallen angels who shall return in the last days, as in the days of noe were. Like the book of Enoch, the bible refers to these fallen angels as WATCHERS, and that in the eytmology, the word was designed to be used in both the good and bad connatation or rather good angels and fallen angels. The bible would seem to use this term "watchers" in the negative connotation, and conects said watchers to an INVASION from a FAR COUNTRY. the lord will send SERPENTS & COCKATRICES, and as discussed earlier, "cockatrices" are genetically altered or modified HYBRIDS of all types, shapes, sizes. the modern day CHUPACABRA enigma is a prime example of what a 'cockatrice' could be. A MONSTER created in a lab.

"For, behold, I will send SERPENTS, COCKATRICES
A M O N G   Y O U,
which will not be CHARMED and they shall BITE YOUsaith the Lord. When I would comfort myself against sorrow, my HEART IS FAINT (luke 21:26) in me. Behold the voice of the cry of the daughter of my people because of
T   H   E   M


(Jeremiah 8:17-19)

"Surely the

(Ecclesiastes 10:11)

       Pay careful attention to Jeremiah 8 for these "serpents" and "cockatrices" dwell in a FAR COUNTRY. This is the same term and translation used elsewhere in this dissertation. The word 'country' translates a PLANET OR "WORLD". The cockatrice, serpents are demonic beings, no doubt todays "alien" phenomena. These two verses above imply that the agenda that these serpents or ALIENS are gonna do cannot be stopped, they cannot be CHARMED or ENCHANTED out of what they are going to do. Jeremiah states that THEY ARE SENT AMONG US!!!. This would be in total harmony to the reports coming out from inside the secret government. The textual intent inplys that they are sent to be "with" us....among us. The Roswell incident in 1948 and ever since is what this is implying. This allusion to "among us" is subtily refered to again by Jeremiah in another strange prophetical passage, and may point to a "advanced scouting mission" by the fallen ones to set up the TRAP amongst the rich men of the earth, from which they will not be able to CHARMED out of, which could be happening right now within the U.S. government inner sanctum (Illuminati).

"Behold, HE (antichrist?) shall come up as
CLOUDS (aliens, nephillim, fallen angels?),
and his chariots shall be as a WHIRLWIND (Joel 2?): his horses swifter than
EAGLES (UFO's?).Woe unto us! for we are spoiled. Make ye mention to the
NATIONS; behold, publish against JERUSALEM that
W  A  T  C  H  E  R  S

and give out their voice against the cities of Judah ".

(Jeremiah 4:13-16)


5341 natsar, naw-tsar; a prim. root; to guard, in a good sense (to protect, maintain, obey etc.) or a bad sense (to conceal, etc.):- beseiged, hidden thing, keep, observe, preserve, subtil:- watcher.

        Now, there are only two uses of the word 'watcher' in the bible, in the singular, and in the "plural" use as here above. I believe both are used in reference to ANGELS either good or "fallen". The term used in the "plural", WATCHERS. has within the eytmology what they "do" in either the good or bad alignment. In the case of Gods angels, they will in the "good sense" of the term,GUARD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN and OBEY Gods will. Fallen "Watchers" on the other hand, in SUBLITY, CONCEAL, "BESEIGE", REMAIN "HIDDEN", observe with "cunning" and PRESERVE the will of their "father" SATAN!!!. This passage in Jeremiah is fraught with references to fallen angels. From vs. 23 on of chapter 4, is a description of the pre-adamic, fallen, BIRDS that were "scattered", who had established TRAFFICK, and SANCTUARIES of which God destroyed from the midst of the STONES OF FIRE. Could this be alluding to the Gog Magog war of Ezekial 38? Could the "alien conspiracy" within the secret government of the United States lead to the TAKING OF BABYLON by all the nations of the "confederacy" (see 'The taking of America/Babylon). Jeremiah states that this message is to be heralded to the nations, and that these "watchers" give out their "voice" against the cities of Judah, or the nation Israel. The taking of America/Babylon is centered around the Gog Magog Ezekial 38 war in which the confederacy lauches a sneak "nuke" attack on America. Could the ALIEN PRESENCE have something to do with this and is scripture telling us so? I think so. You will find loads of verses in the scriptures alluding to todays alien, Ufo conspiracy. Lets look at a broader spectrum now. Seeing how we have established the fact that pre-adamic time is spoken of in scripture, and that this period of time was dominated by Satan.


     Now, I'm going to show to you from scripture that the myths and legends of the long lost past, of a kingdom of the GODS with roads paved with gold in the midst of the SEAS. The home of the gods "Poseiden" and "Atlas", the gods or rather MEN OF RENOWN (Gen.6). They ruled and reigned over all the earth and the inhabitants thereof from the island/continent known as ATLANTIS. How strange it is the correlation between this story first recorded and reported as early as Plato's time (500 b.c.), and that of a certain KING OF TYRE or "TYRUS" in the bible. Plato's account of this mythical kingdom in the middle of the seas is the best and most authenticated account of ATLANTIS. The BIBLE is the ultimate account of this said KING OF TYRUSwho ruled from theMIDST of the seas. This is a very important topic here folks for the freemasons and illuminati plan on making Atlantis RISE AGAIN in the form of modern day AMERICA/BABYLON. America is to be a PHEONIX that shall "burn" or be destroyed in FIRE, and out of the destruction, be re-born into the NEW ATLANTIS, and the dawn of the golden age of the GODS. The king of Tyrus in scripture is LUCIFER or Satan in Ezekial 28. The bible seems to imply in layered prophecy that this last days king of babylon is also the king of Tyrus (Babylon), with a seaport city called Tyre (New York), and said Tyrus and city of Tyre get utterly annihilated ( The bible speaks of this said tyrus in the distant PAST as well though, most probably PRE FLOODor perhaps pre-adamic, and that Satan was said King of Tyre. The best way to do this is give you Platos account verbatim, and give you the corresponding scripture verses where applied to show you that its most probably talking about the same thing:

Excerpts of a discourse between Socrates, Plato, Timaeus, and Critias 540 b.c.

Plato & Timaeus:

             Many great and wonderful deeds are recorded of your state in our histories. But one of them exceeds all the rest in greatness and valour. For these histories tell of a mighty power which unprovoked made an expedition against the whole of Europe and Asia, and to which your city put an end. This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Heracles

"And say unto TYRUS, O thou that art situate at the

which art a merchant of the people for
thus saith the Lord God; O Tyrus, thou hast said,
Thy BORDERS are in the
thy builders have perfected thy beauty".

(Ezekial 27:3-4)

;the island was larger than Libya and Asia put together, and was the way to other islands, and from these you might pass to the whole of the opposite continent which surrounded the true ocean; for this sea which is within the Straits of Heracles is only a harbour, having a narrow entrance, but that other is a real sea, and the surrounding land may be most truly called a boundless continent............Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent, and, furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia.

"When thy wares went forth out of the
thou filledst many people; thou didst enrich the
with the multitude of thy riches and of thy merchandise".

(Ezekial 27:33)

"And by
the seed of Sihor, the harvest of the river, is her revenue; and

(Isaiah 23:3)

This vast power, gathered into one, endeavoured to subdue at a blow our country and yours and the whole of the region within the straits; and then, Solon, your country shone forth, in the excellence of her virtue and strength, among all mankind

"Son of man, because that TYRUS hath said against Jerusalem, Aha, she is broken
that was the gates of theb people: she is turned unto me: I shall be replenished, now
she is laid waste: Therefore thus saith the lord God; Behold, i am against thee O TYRUS, and will cause
as the sea causeth his waves to come up,"

(Ezekial 26:3)

She was pre-eminent in courage and military skill, and was the leader of the Hellenes. And when the rest fell off from her, being compelled to stand alone, after having undergone the very extremity of danger, she defeated and triumphed over the invaders, and preserved from slavery those who were not yet subjugated, and generously liberated all the rest of us who dwell within the pillars.........But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea. 

"And they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and say to thee, how art thou
that was inhabited of seafaring men, the renowned city, which was strong
she and her inhabitants, which cause their terror to be on all who haunt it".

(Ezekial 26:17)

"For thus saith the Lord God; when I shall make thee a desolate city, like the cities that are not inhabited; when I shall

(Ezekial 26:19)

"In the time when thou shalt be broken by the
thy merchandice and all thy company in the midst of thee shall fall".

(Ezekial 27:34)

"For thus saith the Lord God; when I shall bring thee down with them that descend into the pit, with the
and shall set thee in the low parts of the earth, in
with them that go down to the pit, that thou be not inhabited; and I shall set glory in the land of the living".

(Ezekial 26:20)

For which reason the sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable, because there is a shoal of mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the island..............To know or tell the origin of the other divinities is beyond us, and we must accept the traditions of the men of old time who affirm themselves to be the offspring of the gods-that is what they say-and they must surely have known their own ancestors. How can we doubt the word of the children of the gods?

"The men of Arvad with thine army were upon thy walls round about, and the
GAMMADIMS (nephillim)

were in thine towers: they hanged their shields upon thy walls round about;
they have made thy beauty perfect".

(Ezekial 27:11)

Although they give no probable or certain proofs, still, as they declare that they are speaking of what took place in their own family, we must conform to custom and believe them. In this manner, then, according to them, the genealogy of these gods is to be received and set forth.......

Plato & Critias

          .......Let me begin by observing first of all, that nine thousand was the sum of years which had elapsed since the war which was said to have taken place between those who dwelt outside the Pillars of Heracles and all who dwelt within them; this war I am going to describe. Of the combatants on the one side, the city of Athens was reported to have been the leader and to have fought out the war; the combatants on the other side were commanded by the kings of Atlantis, which, as was saying, was an island greater in extent than Libya and Asia, and when afterwards sunk by an earthquake

"And unto Eber were born two sons; the name of one was
PELEG (earthquake);
for in his days was the

(Genesis 10:25)

"He stretched out his hand over
the Lord hath given a commandment against the merchant city, to destroy the STRONGHOLDS thereof".

(Isaiah 23:11)

became an impassable barrier of mud to voyagers sailing from hence to any part of the ocean..........The progress of the history will unfold the various nations of barbarians and families of Hellenes which then existed, as they successively appear on the scene; but I must describe first of all Athenians of that day, and their enemies who fought with them, and then the respective powers and governments of the two kingdoms. Let us give the precedence to Athens...........In the days of old the gods had the whole earth distributed among them by allotment. There was no quarrelling; for you cannot rightly suppose that the gods did not know what was proper for each of them to have, or, knowing this, that they would seek to procure for themselves by contention that which more properly belonged to others. They all of them by just apportionment.......

"Is this your joyous city, whose
Her own feet shall carry her off to sojourn. who hath taken this council against TYRE, the
crowning city, whose

are the

(Isaiah 23:7-8)

.....obtained what they wanted, and peopled their own districts; and when they had peopled them they tended us, their nurselings and possessions, as shepherds tend their flocks, excepting only that they did not use blows or bodily force, as shepherds do,but governed us like 'pilots' from the stern of the vessel,

"Thy suburbs shall shake at the sound of the cry of thy
P I L O T S".

(Ezekial 27:28)

"The inhabitants of Arvad and Zidon were thy MARINERS, thy
O TYRUS, that were in thee, were thy
P I L O T S".

(Ezekial 27:8)

which is an easy way of guiding animals, holding our souls by the rudder of persuasion according to their own pleasure;-thus did they guide all mortal creatures..............The tale, which was of great length, began as follows: I have before remarked in speaking of the allotments of the gods, that they distributed the whole earth into portions differing in extent, and made for themselves temples and instituted sacrifices. And Poseidon, receiving for his lot the island of Atlantis, begat children by a mortal woman, and settled them in a part of the island, which I will describe


..............Looking towards the sea, but in the centre of the whole island, there was a plain which is said to have been the fairest of all plains and very fertile. Near the plain again, and also in the centre of the island at a distance of about fifty stadia, there was a mountain not very high on any side. In this mountain there dwelt one of the earth born primeval men of that country, whose name was Evenor, and he had a wife named Leucippe, and they had an only daughter who was called Cleito............The maiden had already reached womanhood, when her father and mother died; Poseidon fell in love with her and had intercourse with her, and breaking the ground, inclosed the hill in which she dwelt all round, making alternate zones of sea and land larger and smaller, encircling one another; there were two of land and three of water, which he turned as with a lathe, each having its circumference equidistant every way from the centre, so that no man could get to the island, for ships and voyages were not as yet..............He himself, being a god, found no difficulty in making special arrangements for the centre island, bringing up two springs of water from beneath the earth, one of warm water and the other of cold, and making every variety of food to spring up abundantly from the soil. He also begat and brought up five pairs of twin male children; and dividing the island of Atlantis into ten portions, he gave to the first-born of the eldest pair his mother's dwelling and the surrounding allotment, which was the largest and best, and made him king over the rest; the others he made princes, and gave them rule over many men, and a large territory.........

(Daniel 11:39)

........And he named them all; the eldest, who was the first king, he named Atlas, and after him the whole island and the ocean were called Atlantic. To his twin brother, who was born after him, and obtained as his lot the extremity of the island towards the Pillars of Heracles, facing the country which is now called the region of Gades in that part of the world, he gave the name which in the Hellenic language is Eumelus, in the language of the country which is named after him, Gadeirus.Of the second pair of twins he called one Ampheres, and the other Evaemon. To the elder of the third pair of twins he gave the name Mneseus, and Autochthon to the one who followed him. Of the fourth pair of twins he called the elder Elasippus, and the younger Mestor. And of the fifth pair he gave to the elder the name of Azaes, and to the younger that of Diaprepes...........All these and their descendants for many generations were the inhabitants and rulers of divers islands in the open sea; and also, as has been already said, they held sway in our direction over the country within the Pillars as far as Egypt and Tyrrhenia..........Such was the military order of the royal city-the order of the other nine governments varied, and it would be wearisome to recount their several differences...........As to offices and honours, the following was the arrangement from the first. Each of the ten kings in his own division and in his own city had the absolute control of the citizens, and, in most cases, of the laws, punishing and slaying whomsoever he would.

(Revelation 17:12)

.............And the king was not to have the power of life and death over any of his kinsmen unless he had the assent of the majority of the ten. Such was the vast power which the god settled in the lost island of Atlantis......

"I will make thee a terror, and 
yet shalt thou
saith the Lord".

(Ezekial 26:21)

        So, as you can see, there is a very close correlation between the mythical "Atlantis", and the biblical TYRUS where in the ancient time, was inhabited by the "king of tyrus".....LUCIFER and "them", his demonic horde (Ezek.28:12-19). This tyrus of antiquity was swallowed by the sea, and destroyed of an earthquake. This Tyrus is not nor can it be "Tyre" in Lebanon for this tyre was in the "midst of the seas". All the historical records point to a flood as the cause of Tyrus and Atlantis perishing in the seas. The problem is, which flood or deluge for the bible speaks of TWO FLOODS on which the earth was founded upon.            The first took place in Gen.1:2 when god destroyed and scattered the BIRDS from the midst of the stones of fire. This Tyrus spoken of in Ezekial God says shall be SOUGHT FOR BUT NEVER FOUND. Is this refering to Atlantis of antiquity, called Tyrus in the bible? the passages dealing with Tyre and Tyrus in scripture are "layered" and deal with 3 different Tyres in 3 different time periods. There was a Tyre in the days of nebuchadnezzar, and there is a Tyre now, but its not in the middle east. Francis bacon in the 1600's wrote the NEW ATLANTIS, the new agers have been writing about the same for the past 200 years. The new atlantis folks is AMERICA, otherwise known as "AMERUCA"or "LAND OF THE PLUMED SERPENT"!!!. In the occult writings, America/Babylon is to be a PHEONIX, which will be burned with fire and out of the ashes shall arise the NEW TYRUS OR ATLANTIS OF THE AGES, and she shall be the home to the GODS in the golden age of 1000 years under the reign of Lucifer upon destruction of Jesus Christ upon his return. The occult secret destiny of America/ Babylon is being played out before our eyes.

[ to be continued]


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