How to make an EP:


You will need 1" copper pipe or larger diameter, 1 small crystal, 20 to 16 gauge un-insolated copper wire, metal shavings, resin, wax paper and tape.


EP's work by pulling the DOR from the underground and then releasing POR above ground and below. One key to the effectiveness of EP's is the resonating cavity created in the empty space inside the pipe. The larger the resonating cavity the more effective. When using a larger diameter pipe you can have a shorter length pipe and still be effective, while for smaller diameter pipe you need a longer pipe to achieve the same effect.


When choosing a copper pipe think about what you can afford. If you can afford 1.5 inch pipe, it's easier to place in the ground because of the shorter length.


This is a 1.5 inch pipe, 13 inches long. You don't need to have a longer pipe for this diameter. The smaller pipe is used to cast OR matrix plug insert for the main pipe. The plug is 6 inches long and has 1 inch cut off for removing the casting easier. You can also poor the OR matrix directly into a 13 inch pipe. If you are pouring directly into the pipe then fill the pipe about half full with the orgone mix as described below making sure the crystal tip is facing toward the resonate cavity.

If your using a 1 inch pipe I would use an 18 inch to 24 inch pipe length to achieve the same effectiveness (same amount of resonate cavity).


Here is how you wrap the small crystal.


Make sure you tape the end off tightly, inside is wax paper rolled onto itself allowing the casting to be easily removed.


When mixing the metal and resin you can do it at once or drop the particles in then pour resin over the top. Mixing them together allow you to have less bubbles and air pockets.


The easiest way to get the goods in, spoon it in. A lot cleaner and less mess on you. You want to fill the casting about half full with OR matrix before placing the crystal inside. If pouring directly into the pipe then fill the bottom with about 3 inches of metal and resin then add your crystal.


Using needle nose pliers allows you to set the crystal in proper alignment. Remember to face the crystal (pointed tip) in the direction toward the resonate cavity.


Fill the casting to the top and let it cure. Remember if your not using a casting plug and filling the pipe, make your OR matrix about 1/2 the length of the pipe.


Make sure the curing process is done before removing. To remove the casting simply tap one end with a hammer, pull the 1" end off.

Slide the OR plug out.


Remove the wax paper and Ta Da! Keep in mind which end is suppose to be point toward the ground (mark it).

All you do now is find a suitable area to try out your new toy. Drop the plug in the pipe, crystal facing toward the ground as you marked. Use a mallet or hammer to set into the ground. If your worried about damaging the pipe use a large steal plumbing cap or 2x4 to absorb the pounding. Dents on the back end of the pipe from pounding do not seem to effect the performance of the device. One advantage to creating a plug is while you are pounding into the ground it allows the air and dirt to enter the pipe easier helping hold the OR matrix in place. DIRT IN THE EP DOES NOT EFFECT THE PERFORMANCE. If you poured into a pipe, I would drill a small hole near the OR matrix to relieve the air pressure allowoing the EP to set better. THE EP DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FULLY BARRIED IN THE GROUND TO WORK, ONLY PARTLY. But the further the better, since you don't want people to find it.


The EP must be inserted vertically into the ground to work, unless its into a hill side. (perpendicular to the ground, another way to put it)


How I find locations for EP, I discern above ground DOR to underground DOR. I do this by how my body reacts to certain areas. My hands ache when there is above ground DOR. My head aches where there is underground DOR. See if you notice the same sensations. So far it's been 100% correct for me.

Bust those bastard ups!


Have fun busting the underground bases.