PowerWand Instructions by Chrystalk



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From: "Chrystal Kay"


>Don's Power Wand


Parts List:

1- 3" copper pipe, 9" long

1- copper cap for pipe

1- dixie cup that will fit snugly in end

1- 7" by 1" dia SP crystal

1- roll blue magnet wire from Radio Shack

2- 2" drywall screws

Shrink wrap tubing- op.

99" 18 gage bare wire


Goop glue

Metal filling- 1/2 copper at least, and aluminum

Resin and catalyst

1- 1" Amethyst point

1/4tsp. Pyrite grains

4- 12mm Hematite beads

4 or 5- rough round Garnets

Frequency box w/alligator clip connectors.

Silicon spray ( or WD-40 )




Preparing large crystal:


Start at the bottom of the crystal. ( make the 'ears' that will stick out

rather long- 2-3") Using magnet wire, make a six wrap mobius knot , and

continue below that and make a second six wrap mobius knot. Continue to make

a total of six- six wrap mobius knots from the same continuous piece of

wire. ( look in Don's files to see how to twist the wire for the knot.)


Now attach 2- screws to 'ears' by firmly wrapping around threads and either

shrink wrap or goop glue well. ( no bare wire or screw length exposed) Leave

only the head exposed. Tape to crystal to hold in place while pouring, head

ends up beyond end of crystal.


With the entire length of bare wire, wrap the crystal from top to bottom

counter clockwise. (there is a reason for that)


On to the assembly:


This project is made beginning with the TOP.

Fit your Dixie cup into the top end of the pipe, (flat side in) and trim

flush with rim. Cut x in bottom and insert point of large crystal, from the

bottom of the cup, up.( Don does this so point will be below the rim of the

pipe.)  Glue well around crystal and glue cup in place flush with rim.


Now turn over, bottom side up.

Put just enough metal and resin in to cover cup and meeting place of crystal

and cup bottom.  Let harden. (Less leaks this way!)


Add metal to position amethyst in.  Place amethyst point down next to

crystal pointing same way, and add catalyzed resin.( Let firm up between

each layer.)


Sprinkle pyrite in, add metal and pour on resin.


Add Hematite, add metal and pour on resin.

You should be pretty close to the top by now...say 2 1/2" or so.

Add Garnets, add metal to beneath top of screws.  Let cure.


Trim off any boo boos or leaks.


Attach frequency box clips to screw ends.

The frequency box will fit handily into the cap. With some spray around the

edge of the pipe rim, it shouldn't be too hard to remove the cap for

changing the battery.


How did I do Don?